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LO586 - Matte Rhodium & Rhodium Brass Bracelet with AAA Grade CZ in

LO586 - Matte Rhodium & Rhodium Brass Bracelet with AAA Grade CZ in

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• A luxurious bracelet - LO586
• Crafted with matte rhodium and rhodium brass
• Featuring an AAA grade CZ center stone
• Clear, sparkling center stone
• Please note the product is currently backordered, requires 4-7 day shipping lead time

• Dimensions: Not specified
• Weight: Approximately 19.40g
• Materials: Matte Rhodium, Rhodium Brass, AAA Grade CZ

• This is a luxurious LO586 bracelet.
• It is beautifully crafted from matte rhodium and rhodium brass.
• The bracelet features a prominent center stone of AAA grade CZ.
• The clear center stone adds a touch of sophistication and glamour.

• Create a stunning appearance with this lavish bracelet.
• The AAA grade CZ center stone adds an eye-catching sparkle.
• Made from durable materials, ensuring the longevity of the bracelet.
• It’s lightweight, offering comfortable wear for any occasion.

NOTE: The LO586 Matte Rhodium & Rhodium Brass Bracelet is currently backordered. Additionally, due to the delicate nature of the materials used, please handle with care to maintain the bracelet in its original condition. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals or rough surfaces to prevent any damage to the AAA grade CZ center stone. Always remember to store your bracelet in a safe place when not being worn. Requires a 4-7 day shipping lead time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Chic and Timeless Accessory

From formal gatherings to everyday wear, this bracelet fits perfectly for any occasion. The chic design combined with the sparkling center stone make it a timeless accessory. It's also lightweight, adding to its comfortable wear. A slight drawback is the extra care needed, but following the maintenance advice given, it has retained its original allure.

Great Gift that Impressed My Wife

I bought this bracelet as an anniversary gift for my wife, and she absolutely loves it. The craftsmanship is exquisite, and the pleasant weight of 19.40g makes it feel substantial without being too heavy. The AAA grade CZ stone shines just like a real diamond. The 4-7 day shipping lead time due to backorder was a bit of a downside, but overall, a great purchase.

Turns Heads Every Time

This bracelet has become my favorite accessory. It's light but feels premium, and the center stone sparkles like it's lit from within. It definitely turns heads. Handling it with care as suggested isn't much of a hassle considering how good it looks. If you're on the fence, take the plunge - it's worth the wait!

Luxury on My Wrist

I am truly enthralled by this bracelet! It manages to exude luxury while maintaining a subtle elegance thanks to the matte rhodium. The centerpiece is well-crafted and the sparkle is unbeatable. The shipping delay is a minor hiccup for the value it offers. One word of advice - be mindful of the care instructions to keep it pristine!

Fashionable but Delicate

I love how fashionable the LO586 bracelet looks on my wrist. The design is modern, and the center stone is eye-catching. However, I was a bit disappointed with how delicate the bracelet is; I'm always worried about scratching it or causing damage. Additionally, the bracelet being backordered meant I had to wait longer than I would have liked.