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Maono Dynamic XLR PC Microphone All Metall Gaming

Maono Dynamic XLR PC Microphone All Metall Gaming

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• The Maono Dynamic XLR PC Microphone is a high-quality, all-metal gaming microphone designed for podcasting, vocal recording, streaming, and content creation.
• It features a built-in double-layer anti-blowout net, moving coil microphone core, and noise separation technology for superior sound quality.
• The microphone's directionality allows you to record only the sound you want, and its XLR interface enables connection to live sound cards and other professional audio equipment.


• Interface: XLR
• Material: All-metal body
• Technology: Moving coil microphone core, noise separation technology
• Frequency Response Range: 60-14kHz


• The Maono Dynamic XLR PC Microphone is built with a double-layer anti-blowout net, ensuring clear and mellow audio.
• Its all-metal body is sturdy and durable, designed to withstand long-term use.
• The microphone utilizes a moving coil microphone core and noise separation technology, effectively isolating environmental noise for a cleaner sound.
• It features a unique directionality that allows you to record only the sound you want.
• The XLR interface of the microphone allows for connection to live sound cards and other professional audio equipment, making it a versatile tool for all your audio needs.


• Delivers impressive broadcast-sound quality, ideal for podcasting, vocal recording, streaming, and content creation.
• The built-in dynamic core and inner double layer pop filter provide better attenuation of plosive, ensuring well-balanced reproduction across a wide frequency response range.
• The microphone's directionality and "End Address" pick-up way capture every detail of your voice with smoothness and depth, making your streaming or recording clearer and more natural.
• Its sturdy all-metal body ensures durability and long-lasting use.


• Please handle the microphone with care to avoid potential damage to the all-metal body.
• Ensure that the XLR interface is correctly connected to your sound card or audio equipment to prevent any technical issues or damage to the microphone.
• The microphone's directionality is designed to record the sound you want, so position it correctly to capture your voice effectively.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rich Tone for Vocal Recordings

I bought this microphone mainly for recording my singing sessions, and it?s been a delightful experience. The microphone captures the richness of my voice as well as the subtle nuances. The durability is impressive thanks to its all-metal body, and it looks professional in my home studio. Highly recommend for vocal artists out there!

A Gamer's Dream Mic

I stream daily, and this Maono microphone has improved my setup massively. The noise separation technology is no joke ??it isolates my voice perfectly from background noise. My viewers have noticed the difference and my fellow gamers are asking about my new gear. It's a bit on the pricier side, but for the performance and build quality, I'd say it's well worth the investment.

Crystal Clear Sound for Podcasting!

I've been using the Maono Dynamic XLR PC Microphone for my podcast, and the audio quality has totally exceeded my expectations. The moving coil microphone core provides such clarity, and the anti-blowout net is great for minimizing those annoying pops. It has really made editing a breeze because I don?t have to fix sound issues post-recording. The all-metal body feels like it's going to last a long time too.

Top-notch Microphone, Could Use a Wider Frequency

In the audio biz, I've seen what mics twice the price offer, and the Maono holds its ground. The build and audio quality are spot on. However, I wish the frequency range was a bit wider for some of my applications. But for most users, this mic will more than suffice!

Great for Content Creators, But Practice Makes Perfect

I've just started out with content creation and decided to invest in a good-quality microphone. The Maono does not disappoint in terms of sound quality and build. However, there is a learning curve to using it, especially with its directionality. You?ve got to get the mic positioning just right. Practice and patience go a long way.