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Mini Bird Baby Feeder

Mini Bird Baby Feeder

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• A Mini Bird Baby Feeder with a simple structure and clear scale design.
• Specially fashioned with a smooth and unbreakable edge for feeding young birds and sick birds.
• Constructed using durable plastic material.

• Material: Plastic
• Color: As shown in the picture
• Size: As shown in the picture (1inch = 2.54cm)
• Feeding Needle: 20ml
• Measuring Cup: 50ml

• The Mini Bird Baby Feeder comes with a clear scale design, making it easy for users to control the amount of food.
• The feeder has a removable spoon head for easy replacement and customization according to the size needed.
• The smooth edge of the feeder ensures pet safety as it will not harm their mouth or throat.
• This feeder is primarily designed for feeding milk to parrots and other young birds during their anaerobic milk period and can also serve water and food to sick birds.
• Feeder has a thickened spoon mouth, ensuring a safer and more comfortable feeding experience.

• Simple assembly and disassembly allow easy usage.
• Durable plastic construction ensures a long life span.
• The smooth edge design reduces the risk of injuring your pets.
• The removable spoon head allows for flexibility in feeding different pet sizes.
• Clear scale design aids in controlling the portion of food or water served.

NOTE: Please ensure to clean the feeder after every use to maintain hygiene. As this product has small components, keep it out of reach of children to prevent accidental choking hazards. Never force-feed or overfeed your pets. Always consult with a vet for proper feeding practices.

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Customer Reviews

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Feeding with Precision

I adore the accuracy the clear scale provides. It's a must for anyone serious about caring for young birds. Plus, the thickened spoon mouth is gentle on my pet's mouth. Kudos for the durable material as well!

Good, but requires patience

The Mini Bird Baby Feeder seems durable and well-built, but it took some time for my young parrot to get used to it. I appreciate the clear scale for portion control, but I wish the feeding needle was a bit longer for my bird's preference.

Peace of Mind for My Baby Bird

I was worried about feeding my baby parrot, but the Mini Bird Baby Feeder's smooth edges and clear scale removed all my fears. The detachable spoon head is fantastic for when I need to upsize as my bird grows.

Nearly Magical in Ease!

I'm no wizard, but this feeder sure makes me feel like one. The clear scale ensures I'm not overfeeding my sick finch. Durable, easy to clean, and the smooth edge is beak-friendly.

Reliable and Safe Feeder

This feeder has been a great help with my sick canary. It didn't hurt her at all thanks to the smooth edges, and the clear measurements helped me ensure she was getting enough nutrients. The durability of the plastic is also a plus. My only wish is that it came in more sizes for my larger birds.