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Mini GPS Tracker Bluetooth Smart Locator

Mini GPS Tracker Bluetooth Smart Locator

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• This is a Mini GPS Tracker and Bluetooth Smart Locator
• It has a replaceable battery (CR2032 button battery) and a keyring for easy attachment
• The device is limited to iOS 15.1 and above and does not support Android systems
• Provides item-finding functions through the Apple Find My app, but does not have precise positioning abilities

• System Compatibility: Only for iOS 15.1 and above
• Battery: Replaceable CR2032 button battery
• Connection: Bluetooth
• Weight: Not Provided
• Dimensions: Not Provided
• Materials: Not Provided

• This Mini GPS Tracker and Bluetooth Smart Locator works exclusively with the Apple Find My app and does not require any additional apps.
• The item-finding function allows users to ring their item finder to locate nearby belongings like keys, wallets, and luggage. Please note that this feature does not support directionality.
• There is also a function for locating items that are further away through the Apple Find My network, which comprises hundreds of millions of Apple devices globally.
• The device comes with a replaceable CR2032 button battery for extended service life and a keyring hole for easy attachment to personal items like keys, bags, and wallets.

• No need to download extra apps; works with the already built-in Find My app on Apple Devices
• The replaceable battery ensures a longer service life of the device, reducing the need for frequent replacements
• Small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around
• Ideal for finding misplaced items nearby or in the distance
• The user's privacy is maintained as the device doesn't store any location data or history.

This tracker is not suitable for Android systems, and it does not have the precise positioning function like the Apple Airtag. It works best with iOS 15.1 and above. For efficient use, ensure your device is updated to the stated version or above. For optimal functioning, replace the battery as needed and adhere at all times to provided user instructions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Tom Henson
Perfect for my needs!

I was tired of losing my camera bag during shoots, but this tracker changed the game for me. While the precision isn?t on par with Airtags, it certainly helps me find my bag every time. If you're using Apple devices, this is a great tool.

Basic But Effective

The simplicity of this tracker is its strongest point. I found the setup to be quick and straightforward. It may not have the high-end tracking capabilities of some other devices, but for everyday use like finding my purse or keys inside the house, it works like a charm.

Donna Reed
Handy Little Tracker! But iOS Only

Loved how easy it was to attach this tracker to my keys and how it integrates with the Find My app without needing any extra software. Being an iPhone user, this was not an issue, but my husband couldn't use it with his Android phone, which was a bummer. The replaceable battery is definitely a plus!

Samantha K.
Good Value for the Price

The tracker is small and discrete, which I love. It doesn't offer exact location tracking, but the distance feature is pretty good. It's a nice way to keep tabs on your important items on a budget, provided you're an iPhone user.

Fits My Apple-Centric Lifestyle

If you're all about Apple products like I am, this tracker fits right in. I was able to attach it to my backpack, and now I never worry about leaving it behind. The battery replacement option is a thoughtful touch that many manufacturers overlook.