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Mini Grounded AU US to EU Plug Adapter

Mini Grounded AU US to EU Plug Adapter

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- Compact and portable Mini Grounded AU US to EU Plug Adapter
- Ideal for travelers, converting plugs from America, Australia to European standard
- Certified safe with CE certification

- Shell color: Available in White and Black
- Plug rating: 6A 250V
- Package includes: 1 piece plug
- Suitable for use in: America, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Germany, France, Korea, Russia, Belgium, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Sweden
- Certification: CE

- This Mini Grounded AU US to EU Plug Adapter is a small and lightweight travel essential.
- It is designed to convert American and Australian plugs to fit European outlets.
- The plug is rated for 6A 250V, ensuring safe and efficient power conversion.
- It comes in a sleek white or black shell, blending seamlessly with your other travel accessories.
- The package includes one plug adapter, perfect for individual travelers or for keeping as a spare.

- Enables the use of American and Australian electronic devices in European countries.
- Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to pack and carry.
- CE certification ensures the product's safety and reliability.
- Broad compatibility with various countries makes it a versatile travel accessory.
- Available in two colors, allowing you to choose according to your preference.

Please ensure to check the voltage of your device before using this adapter. While the adapter is rated for 6A 250V, it does not convert electrical output voltage and frequency. Always use with devices compatible with the voltage of the country you are in to avoid damage to your devices.

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Customer Reviews

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Practical for family vacations

Bought a couple of these for a family vacation in Europe, and they worked perfectly for all our devices. It's a relief to find a product that can handle everything from the kids' tablets to our smartphones. A great find for any family traveler.

Functional but snugs a bit tight

It does what it's supposed to do, and does it well. The only downside is that it fits very tight in some sockets, making it a bit hard to pull out. Other than that, a solid choice for travelers.

Tight fit in some outlets

This adapter has been a generally good companion for my travels. The size is perfect for a minimalist traveler like myself. However, in some hotels, the fit was so snug that I was concerned about breaking the socket or the adapter itself.

Does what it says ??Safe and simple

Traveling techies, take note! This plug adapter is a basic but essential piece of kit. Deceptively simple, but it keeps my gadgets going in the EU without trouble. Remember, it doesn?t convert voltage, so double-check your devices first.

Convenient for Frequent Travelers

I travel frequently for work, and this adapter has been a game changer. It's light, doesn't take up space, and the CE certification gives me peace of mind. I've used it in Norway and Poland with no problems at all. Highly recommend for anyone who's on the go in Europe.