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MOES Tuya WiFi IR Remote Control

MOES Tuya WiFi IR Remote Control

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- The MOES Tuya WiFi IR Remote Control is a smart home blaster infrared wireless remote control that works with Alexa, Google Home, and other smart home systems.
- This all-in-one control device can activate a variety of infrared devices such as air conditioners, TVs, fans, DVDs, STBs, TV BOXes, and more.
- It offers hands-free voice control, WiFi/4G app remote control from anywhere, and a customized DIY copy function for unmatched convenience.

- Connectivity: WiFi (2.4G), IR (38KHZ)
- Compatibility: Android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.0 and above
- Control Range: Single room (cannot break through walls)
- Voice Control: Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
- App: Smart Life/Tuya (Compatible with Android & iOS)

- The MOES Tuya WiFi IR Remote Control is designed to remotely control most infrared control devices with a simple voice command.
- It is equipped with a free mobile "Smart Life/Tuya" App that allows you to control your appliances from anywhere, anytime.
- The device features a programmable DIY learning function that can copy the same function from the original remote if the IR device brand is not found in the "Smart Life" App.

- Provides a centralized control for all your infrared devices, reducing the clutter of multiple remotes.
- Allows hands-free control of your devices through voice commands, enhancing convenience.
- The WiFi/4G app remote control feature lets you manage your appliances even when you're away from home.
- The DIY copy function ensures compatibility with most IR remote control devices, making it a versatile addition to your smart home.

- The MOES SMART IR can only work with 38KHZ IR. Please ensure your device is IR control or RF before purchasing.
- One single room one smart IR is recommended as infrared cannot break through the wall.
- The DIY function only works with smartphone App control and is not available with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.
- This device only supports a 2.4G WiFi connection and is compatible with Android 4.4 above and iOS 8.0 above.
- For any malfunction, please contact the MOES service team through Amazon mail or the service mail address at the back of the manual. They will help solve and reply within 24 hours.
- This product comes with a 60 DAYS Money Back Guarantee for a risk-free purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Convenient and User-Friendly

This little MOES Tuya WiFi IR Remote Control is a convenient piece of tech. The setup with my WiFi and syncing with my Alexa was quick, and it's been mostly smooth sailing. I did encounter a couple of hiccups with some of my older IR devices, but the custom DIY feature helped me figure those out. For someone who hates clutter, replacing several remotes with one device is a win in my book.

Not Without Flaws, But a Good Effort

The MOES Tuya WiFi IR Remote Control is a useful device, but it has limitations. The single-room range means I had to buy multiple units, which is an added cost and inconvenience. Also, the DIY function is great, but it doesn't integrate with Alexa, which is a significant drawback for me. Nevertheless, when it works, it works well, and it's fairly reliable. A decent product if you're okay with its constraints.

Pretty Good Gadget for Tech Lovers

I'm quite tech-oriented and decided to give the MOES Remote Control a shot. Set up was a cinch, and I particularly like the compatibility with both Android and iOS, as we have a mixed device household. Voice control through Alexa is efficient and responsive. While I have to roll with the punches of a single room range, it's been an overall positive addition to my tech collection.

Clutter-Free Life with a Smart Solution!

The MOES WiFi IR Remote Control is a life-changer for me. I'm already using Smart Life for my other smart home devices, so adding this was a no-brainer. The centralized control it provides for my infrared devices is incredible. No more multiple remotes, and being able to manage everything even when I'm not home is something I didn't know I needed until now. Plus, the 60-day money-back guarantee made this a risk-free purchase.

Ultimate Convenience for Smart Homes!

The MOES Tuya WiFi IR Remote Control has completely changed the way I interact with my home devices. The fact that I can now use Alexa to start my air conditioner, switch channels on my TV, and even control my DVD player is incredible. The setup was really straightforward and integrating it with my existing Smart Home system was a breeze. I love not having to look for different remotes or worry about batteries anymore. The Smart Life app works flawlessly, and I can control things when I'm out of the house, which is super useful.