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MOESTAR UFO Retractable Pet Leash

MOESTAR UFO Retractable Pet Leash

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- The MOESTAR UFO Retractable Pet Leash is a revolutionary pet accessory that combines innovative design with practical functionality.
- Inspired by the freedom of spaceships, this leash offers a weightless balance and a comfortable grip, making pet handling more effortless and enjoyable.
- It features a unique ring design, LED lighting, and an anti-impact safety upgrade.


- Brand: MOESTAR
- Charging Method: Micro USB
- Charging Voltage: DC 5V
- Battery Capacity: 200mah
- Total Traction Length: 2.6m
- Maximum Static Pull: 50kg
- Size: 138 x 138 x 30mm


- The MOESTAR UFO Retractable Pet Leash is designed with a shaftless expansion and an innovative ring design that allows for free hands operation.
- It features an annular strip with LED lighting that provides a 3M lighting distance, ensuring no blind spots during night walks.
- The leash is made from selected materials that offer a comfortable grip and prevent curling, ensuring it is firm and durable.
- It also includes a Bilateral Blue Cold Light Respiratory Lamp for added safety during night walks.


- The leash's innovative design allows for a balanced and comfortable grip, making pet handling more effortless.
- The LED lighting system ensures safe walks at night, with no blind spots and increased visibility to avoid traffic and pedestrians.
- The leash's anti-impact design provides an added safety upgrade, ensuring your pet's security during walks.
- The leash's ring design allows for hands-free operation, providing convenience for the pet owner.


- While the MOESTAR UFO Retractable Pet Leash is designed for maximum static pull of 50kg, it is important to ensure that the leash is used responsibly and not subjected to excessive force that could potentially harm the pet or the handler. Always supervise your pet while using this leash.

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Customer Reviews

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Cool Design, Great Functionality

I'm a tech enthusiast and a dog owner, so this leash had my attention right away. The charging feature is convenient, and the LED lights are a big plus. The grip is ergonomic, although I wish it was a tad lighter. Regardless, it's sturdy and maintains a strong pull without hassle.

Stylish but Slightly Heavy

The design of this leash is top-notch and the LED lighting is incredibly useful at night. However, I find it a bit heavy for long walks. My arm gets tired holding it up, but the hands-free feature helps. The comfort level is good, but there's room for improvement on the weight. Nonetheless, it's durable and the 2.6m length is perfect for giving my dog some freedom while keeping control.

Great Concept, Good Execution

I'm impressed with the MOESTAR leash's unique design and functionality. The retractable feature works smoothly, and the LED lights are a stellar idea. However, I've experienced a bit of curling with the leash when it retracts, despite the claims. It's not a dealbreaker, but something for the manufacturer to look into.

Futuristic Leash Delivers!

The MOESTAR leash looks and feels like it's from the future. My friends are always asking about it during our walks. It's not just about the looks; the functionality is impressive. The anti-impact feature gives me peace of mind when my dog jerks suddenly, and the LED is a lifesaver during nighttime walks.

Alien Tech for My Terrier!

Absolutely love the MOESTAR UFO Retractable Pet Leash! It feels like I'm walking my dog with some sort of alien technology. The ring design is such a great touch; it gives me a free hand to carry my coffee while my Terrier strolls beside me. The LED lighting is bright and makes night walks feel safer. Plus, it's easy to charge with a Micro USB. A futuristic and fun pet leash!