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Most Powerful LED Flashlight/XHP50

Most Powerful LED Flashlight/XHP50

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• A high-intensity and ultra-bright LED flashlight from TRLIFE
• Available in two models with adjustable focus and waterproof features
• Choose between the XHP70.2 and the XHP50 model based on your illumination needs
• Comes with a USB direct charging feature for ease of use and convenience

• Brand: TRLIFE
• Model: Tactical LED Torch
• Light Source: XHP70.2 / XHP50
• Color: Black
• Dimensions: XHP70 model - 24.8cm x 6cm x 3.3cm. XHP50 model - 16.6cm x 4cm x 3.3cm.
• Power Supply : XHP70.2 Model can use 2 x 26650 batteries or 2 x 18650 batteries. XHP50 Model can use 1 x 26650 battery or 1 x 18650 battery.
• Weight: XHP70 model - 360g (without battery). XHP50 model - 193g (without battery).
• Material: Aluminum Alloy, T6063-T6 aviation aluminum.

• The TRLIFE Tactical LED Torch is a versatile flashlight suited to various lighting needs.
• It operates on either 26650 batteries or 18650 batteries, with distinct power supplies for the XHP70.2 and XHP50 models.
• It features USB direct charging, making it easy to power up wherever you have a USB connection.
• The brightness level is adjustable and can light up places from 200 to 500 meters away.
• It has a waterproof rating of IPX-6, making it ideal for use in different weather conditions.

• Offers long-lasting lighting time up to 2-8 hours.
• Equipped with two high-intensity light sources, XHP70.2 and XHP50, for better illumination.
• Convenient direct USB charging system.
• Weatherproof design increases product durability and versatility.
• Lightweight and portable, suitable for various outdoor activities.

NOTE: The Tactical LED Torch is a high-performance device and should be handled with caution. Avoid pointing the flashlight directly into anyone's eyes as it may cause temporary or permanent damage. Always handle the flashlight with clean, dry hands to maintain the integrity of the device. Make sure to properly dispose of used batteries according to local regulations to minimize any environmental impact.

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Customer Reviews

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Convenient and Efficient

The USB charging sold me on this one. I got the XHP70.2, and it's a game-changer for camping. No more worries about batteries! The light range truly goes the distance, and I find the adjustable intensity very helpful for different situations.

Brightest Flashlight I've Owned

Recently got the XHP70.2 model of the TRLIFE Tactical LED Torch and it's no joke. The brightness is incredible - lights up my entire backyard like it's daytime. The USB charging is super convenient. Used it during a camping trip and it lasted all night on a single charge. It?s a bit heavier than I expected, but the trade-off for the level of brightness is well worth it.

Super Bright, Super Reliable

I live in an area with frequent power outages, and the TRLIFE Tactical LED Torch has been a savior. I have the XHP50, and its light cuts through the darkness like nothing else. It feels well-made and has held up to a few accidental drops. The direct USB charging is such a convenient feature.

Survived the Ultimate Dad Test

Took the XHP70.2 model on a 'Dadventure' with my kids. It got dropped, rained on, and used to signal for an impromptu game of flashlight tag. It survived it all and kept shining bright. The weight adds to its sturdiness, and the aluminum body didn't even get a scratch. The direct USB charging is handy for quickly recharging in my car.

Good Flashlight with Minor Quirks

The TRLIFE Torch XHP70.2 provides exceptional light. Adjusting the focus took some practice, and it's a bit heavier than I'm used to. However, in terms of performance, it's top-notch. The USB charging is faster than I expected, and I appreciate not having to worry about water damage thanks to its waterproof rating.