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Multi-purpose Nylon Gloves Hook

Multi-purpose Nylon Gloves Hook

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• Multi-Purpose nylon gloves hook for easy and secure attachment of gloves
• Three colours available: black, green, and khaki to match your gear

• Material: Made of durable Nylon
• Dimensions: Total length 12 cm, weaving width 2.5 cm
• Adjustable fixed webbing: Can be adjusted between 11-16 cm
• Colours: Black, green, khaki

• Designed for convenience, these hooks are ideal for attaching gloves to your gear
• The fixed webbing is adjustable within 11-16cm to accommodate various sizes
• Crafted from reliable, long-lasting, flexible nylon material
• Three colour options are available: versatile black, vibrant green, and subtle khaki

• Ensures your gloves are kept together securely and are easy to locate
• Suitable for different glove sizes thanks to the adjustable webbing
• Durable materials ensure the longevity and resilience of the hook
• Variety of colours allows matching with other gear.


Always ensure the glove hook is securely fastened before using. Despite its durability, avoid heavy loads to maintain longevity of the item. Keep away from sharp objects to prevent damage to the nylon material. Always adjust the webbing to fit gloves snugly to ensure they are held firmly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Perfect for daily use

I use the black nylon glove hook daily for my work gloves. It's convenient and so far has resisted all the tugging and pulling. I just hope the velcro lasts as long as the nylon does!

Practical and easy to use

This nylon glove hook does what it promises. The black colour is sleek and goes well with my tactical gear. I wish the hook part was a bit larger for my thicker gloves, though. Otherwise, it's a solid product.

Must-have for climbers!

I'm a climber and keeping my gloves handy without losing them is crucial. This glove hook keeps them snug against my pack and the nylon doesn't show any wear yet. Pretty impressed!

Strong and Secure

The khaki glove hook is almost camouflaged with my hunting gear. The nylon is very tough and keeps my gloves securely attached to my vest. Very happy with this purchase.

Mostly Good, With a Few Quirks

The concept of this glove hook is great, the material is durable, and the colour options are neat. However, it can be a little fiddly to get the gloves in and out quickly, and I'm not sure if the velcro will stand the test of time.