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New Dog Grooming Collar Bow Tie Pet Polyester Silk Dog Neckties

New Dog Grooming Collar Bow Tie Pet Polyester Silk Dog Neckties

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- Fashionable and adorable pet accessory: Dog Grooming Collar Bow Tie
- Composed of premium silk satin for a luxurious feel and luster
- Adjustable to fit comfortably around your pet's neck
- Ideal accessory for special occasions or photo shoots

- Dimensions: Flat measurements length 12.5cm, height 17cm
- Material: Silk satin
- Adjustability: Yes
- Packaging: None supplied

- This Dog Grooming Collar is a stylish bow tie designed specifically for dogs.
- Crafted from a high-quality silk satin, the collar boasts a luxurious feel and lustrous sheen, ensuring your pet stands out in a crowd.
- The collar's adjustability feature allows you to customize the fit for comfort and guaranteed staying power.
- Although there is no packaging, care will be put in delivery to ensure the product reaches you in perfect condition.

- Adds a stylish and fun element to your dog's outfit making them stand out in any gathering.
- Adjustable feature allows for a perfect fit for your pet, increasing comfort and reducing the risk of loss.
- High-quality material ensures the collar is durable and can withstand rough play.
- Practical for special events, dog shows, or simply for fun-filled photo shoots with your pet.

Please adjust the collar bow tie carefully to ensure it's not too tight, as this can cause discomfort and potential harm to your pet. Ensure it's secure but also loose enough to place two fingers under it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Elegant Touch for My Pup

This collar bow tie added such an elegant touch to my golden retriever's outfit for my sister's wedding. The silk was of excellent quality and had a real shine to it, and the adjustability ensured it fitted just right without any fuss or discomfort for my buddy. Received tons of compliments!

Big Hit at the Dog Park!

This silk satin dog grooming collar bow tie was a big hit at the dog park. My furry best friend, Leo, was the star of the show, and the adjustable size meant it fit like a dream. It's without a doubt a premium product. Leo being comfortable and looking his best is top priority for me, and this bow tie delivered!

Adorable but Wished for Packaging

The bow tie itself is adorable, and it fits great on my terrier. The silk satin is luxurious, just as described, and it's held up even after he's been running around the park. My only gripe is the lack of packaging; I would've preferred something to store it in. It arrived safely, but I knocked a star for this reason.

Spiffy and High-Quality

This dog grooming collar bow tie is a high-quality accessory that made my bulldog look spiffy as ever. It?s super adjustable and the silk material means it?s going to last. I'm quite satisfied with the craftsmanship and how the product lives up to its description.

Max's New Favorite Accessory!

I bought this for my retriever, Max, and he's been the center of attention on our walks. The adjustability is a great feature, ensuring comfort and style. The silk material is just the cherry on top. Would recommend to any pet parent!