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New Rubber Pet Dog Toy Rugby

New Rubber Pet Dog Toy Rugby

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• Sturdy and interesting rubber pet dog toy designed for fun, chase, and entertainment
• Designed in an oval shape for erratic movement that keeps dogs engaged
• Perfect for pets who enjoy pushing and herding their toys
• Fights pet boredom, provides mental stimulation and self-entertainment

• Material: High-grade Rubber
• Size: As shown in product pictures
• Pack: Contains 1 piece of Pet Dog Toy

• This new rubber pet dog toy Rugby is fabricated from 100% high-grade rubber, ensuring durability and long-lasting fun
• It possesses a distinctive oval shape, designed for unpredictable patterns that will keep your pets endlessly entertained
• It's an ideal toy for dogs who enjoy pushing and herding their toys, giving them a challenge and an entertaining activity
• This product directly responds to pet's boredom, stimulating their problem-solving capabilities, and providing an interesting way for pets to entertain themselves

• Provides an excellent source of entertainment for pets
• Helps in developing cognitive abilities in pets through play
• Aids in mitigating the symptoms of pet boredom
• Offers a form of self-entertainment for pets, keeping them busy in your absence

The product's color might differ slightly due to lighting conditions during photography. Also, bear in mind that due to manual measurements, there might be an error of approximately 1 cm. Please reference the centimeter-to-inches conversion for a better understanding if needed. Always supervise your pet while they are playing with toys to ensure safety.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Excellent for Mental Stimulation!

I'm always looking for ways to keep my poodle's mind sharp, and this toy does the job. He's completely engaged with the toy's movements and figuring out where it'll go next. Plus, it's the perfect size for his pushes and nudges.

Durable and Entertaining, But Could be Better

I appreciate the durability and idea behind this toy. However, my dog seems to prefer toys that he can sink his teeth into. While he plays with the Rugby occasionally, it's not always his first choice.

Decent Toy but Lost Interest Quick

I bought this for my border collie thinking she would love the herding aspect, but the excitement lasted about a week before she lost interest. It's well-made, and the erratic movements are fun, but it just wasn't a hit with my furry friend.

The Ultimate Playtime Companion for My Pooch!

This rugby-shaped rubber toy has been an absolute game-changer for my German Shephard, Max! He loves the unpredictable bouncing, and it really keeps him on his toes. Not to mention, it's incredibly durable - it's survived weeks of rough play with hardly a scratch to show for it.

Fitness Fun for My Pitbull

As an active pitbull owner, I approve of this toy. It keeps my fur baby physically active and mentally alert. She's more engaged during playtime and it's become a staple in our daily routine.