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Newborn Baby Silicone Booger Suction Pipe

Newborn Baby Silicone Booger Suction Pipe

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• A baby essential, the Newborn Baby Silicone Booger Suction Pipe is meticulously designed for removing nasal congestion from your little one’s nose.
• Crafted from medically safe materials including PP and Silicone, this suction pipe offers a measure of comfort and ease for both the baby and parent.


• Dimensions: 21cm x 3.2cm
• Weight: Not specified
• Material: PP and Silicone
• Heat Resistant Temperature: Up to 100℃ for Silicone, and 120℃ for PP.


• The Booger Suction Pipe for newborns is made up of PP and Silicone that ensures safety and durability.
• With a size of 21cm x 3.2cm, it offers a practical design that is simple yet effective in use.
• It is resistant to heat, with Silicone able to handle up to 100℃ and PP bearing up to 120℃.


• Ensures the safety and wellbeing of your newborn by efficiently removing nasal congestion.
• Constructed from PP and Silicone that are resistant to heat and safe for baby use.
• Compact enough to fit in your newborn kit, making it handy for use at any time.
• Robust heat resistance ensures the product's longevity and delivers value for money.


• Always ensure to clean the Booger Suction Pipe before and after each use.
• Avoid using the product if it shows signs of wear or damage and replace as necessary.
• This product is not a toy, keep out of reach of children.
• Never leave your child unattended while using the suction pipe.
• Be gentle while using the suction pipe to avoid causing injury to the baby.

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Customer Reviews

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Good suction but a bit hard

The suction power is good, and I've never felt like I'm hurting my baby with it. My only gripe is the hardness of the PP material. If it were a tad softer, it would be perfect.

High quality but needs more flexibility

The suction pipe does its job, but I feel it could be a bit more flexible. My newborn doesn't seem to mind it much, but as a parent, I think it can be improved for easier handling.

Convenient and Baby Safe

The heat resistance is a real plus ??I can ensure it's always clean by sterilizing it in hot water without worries. The perfect size to keep in our baby care kit and travel with us. I?m really impressed with its durability as well.

Baby approved - Mom relieved!

Our little one doesn't fuss at all when we use this suction pipe. The heat resistance feature adds a layer of trust knowing we can keep it germ-free easily. It's made our lives a lot easier!

Reliable and Efficient Booger Buster

This little device might seem odd, but it's a game-changer for our baby's nasal health. It's simple to use, though I do think a carrying case would be a welcome addition for hygiene purposes.