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Newborn Soft Bath Coral Fleece Towel

Newborn Soft Bath Coral Fleece Towel

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- A plush, coral fleece towel designed exclusively for newborns (0-1 years old) and infants up to 80 cm in length
- Created for ultimate comfort and softness during bath-time


- Suitable for Age Group: Newborns and infants (0-1 years old, 80cm and under)
- Material: Coral Fleece
- Dimensions: Sized to cater infants up to 80cm


- This Newborn Soft Bath Coral Fleece Towel is carefully crafted to offer superior comfort for the delicate skin of your newborn.
- It is perfectly sized to wrap your child snugly for warm post-bath snuggles.
- The plush coral fleece material ensures optimal absorbency and a gentle touch, minimizing the risk of irritation on your baby's skin.
- Its softness and warmth make it the perfect towel for your newborn’s delicate skin.


- Made from super-soft coral fleece fabric for utmost comfort
- Extremely gentle on the baby's skin, reducing potential for irritation
- The perfect size for infants, aiding in hassle-free wrapping and drying
- Furnishes superior absorbency, ensuring your baby is dry and warm quickly after bath


- Although the product is designed with baby's comfort in mind, never leave your baby unattended during bath time. Further, always ensure the towel is clean and dry before using it to prevent any skin-related issues in your baby. Always check for any signs of wear and tear before use and replace when necessary for your baby's safety.

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Customer Reviews

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Does the Job, but Could Be Softer

The towel is absorbent and a good fit for my son. However, I expected it to be a bit softer. It has held up in the wash though and is pretty handy for quick baths.

Softness That My Baby Loves

I was on the hunt for a soft towel for my newborn's sensitive skin, and this one is just perfect. It's gentle, cozy, and the absorbency is top-notch. Definitely making this a staple in our home.

Super Cozy Towel for Delicate Skin

I'm so glad we found this towel! It's super soft and my baby seems to love the warmth and comfort after bath time. I can wrap her up easily since it's the perfect size, and she dries off quickly due to the great absorbency of the coral fleece material.

Stands Up to the Challenge of Bath Time

I've gone through several towels for my little one, but this coral fleece towel stands out. It's so gentle on her skin and really soaks up the water after bath time without being harsh.

Plush Comfort for My Little One

The plushness of this coral fleece towel makes it a favorite after my baby's bath. It's the right size, dries him off quickly, and is easy to wash and maintain.