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NewSubwoofer Earphone With Microphone

NewSubwoofer Earphone With Microphone

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- High-quality NewSubwoofer Earphone with built-in microphone
- Long battery life and short charging time
- Supports TF card, song switch, volume adjustment, and call handling
- Comes with a USB charging port and an Audio IO port

- Transmission Distance: 10m
- Battery Capacity: 400 mAh
- Sensitivity: 105±3db
- Speaker Diameter: 40mm
- Playback Time: Approximately 10 hours
- Standby Time: About 120 hours
- Charging Time: About 2 hours

- The NewSubwoofer Earphone is equipped with a 40mm speaker diameter, ensuring high-quality sound.
- It has a sensitivity of 105±3db, providing a clear and loud audio experience.
- The earphone supports a transmission distance of up to 10m, allowing for a wide range of movement.
- It comes with a built-in microphone for hands-free calls.
- The earphone supports TF cards, enabling users to listen to their favorite music directly from the card.
- It features a song switch function (short press function key) and volume adjustment (long press function key).
- The earphone also supports call handling (short press function key).
- It includes a USB charging port and an Audio IO port for versatile connectivity.

- Enjoy high-quality sound with the 40mm speaker diameter and 105±3db sensitivity.
- Experience the freedom of movement with a 10m transmission distance.
- Benefit from the long battery life, with approximately 10 hours of playback time and 120 hours of standby time.
- Easily handle calls with the built-in microphone and call handling function.
- Enjoy the convenience of listening to music from a TF card.
- Easily switch songs and adjust volume with the function key.
- Charge your earphone quickly and conveniently with the USB charging port.

Please ensure the earphone is fully charged before first use. Avoid overcharging as it may reduce the lifespan of the battery. Keep the earphone away from water and high temperatures to prevent damage. Always listen at a reasonable volume to prevent potential hearing damage.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A Solid Choice for Everyday Listeners

These earphones strike a good balance between quality and convenience. I use them mostly for podcasts and occasional music listening. I'm satisfied with the battery performance and the ease of call handling. I'm admittedly careful with the volume, considering the warning about potential hearing damage.

The Perfect Workout Companion

I bought these earphones mainly for my gym sessions and they've been amazing. The fact that they stay connected even when my phone is across the room is perfect for me. The sound is clear and they're durable too - have survived a few accidental drops!

Long Lasting Battery Life is a Winner

What drew me to these earphones was the impressive battery life. They weren't kidding about the 10 hours of playback time! Also, having the ability to play music directly from a TF card is fantastic during my workouts. The call handling feature is also very efficient, making it easy to switch between music and calls.

Good for the Daily Commuter

I've been using these earphones daily for my commute and they're holding up great! The long battery life means I charge them only twice a week. Sound quality is good, but for audiophiles, it might lack that extra edge. However, for everyday use, these have been reliable and easy to use.

Great Range and Easy Connectivity

The 10m range is absolutely true to its claim and I haven't experienced any connectivity issues so far. The earphones also pair quickly with my devices, and the controls are user-friendly. Having both USB and Audio IO ports gives me the flexibility to use the earphones with all my gadgets.