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Nutrition Catnip Ball

Nutrition Catnip Ball

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• A high-quality and safe Nutrition Catnip Ball for your beloved pets.
• Made from all-natural ingredients like catnip and fish gelatin to meet the health and nutrition needs of your cat.
• Features a convenient design that can be easily fixed in various locations for your cat to enjoy.

• Dimensions: 3.8cm x 3.8cm x 3.8cm
• Candy Size: 2cm x 2cm x 1cm
• Weight: 12g
• Materials: Catnip, fish gelatin
• Styling: Spherical candy

• The Nutrition Catnip Ball is a new, quality product designed for your pet's enjoyment and health.
• Made with a practical design for low cost and high performance.
• The catnip ball is shaped like a spherical candy, enticing for your cat.
• The ball has an adhesive tape behind the base to be fixed on table legs, chair legs, or the ground.

• The catnip can make your cat happy and promote an increase in water intake, essential for their health.
• It also aids in promoting the cat to spit out hairballs, promoting digestive health.
• Fish gelatin provides high levels of collagen, vitamins, and trace elements, vital to cater to a cat's nutritional needs.
• Comes with a plastic cover to prevent overindulgence and maintain your cat's regular diet.

NOTE: The Nutrition Catnip Ball is not a substitute for your cat's regular food but rather a supplement to help meet their health and nutrition needs. Be sure to monitor your cat's intake to ensure they are not overindulging and neglecting their regular food consumption. It is also advised to secure the adhesive tape safely away from objects that could hurt your cat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Healthy Indulgence for Fluffy

Fluffy usually ignores her health supplements, so this Nutrition Catnip Ball is a lifesaver! It doubles as a plaything and a healthy snack. I've noticed that Fluffy's drinking more water and is more energetic. It's a bit small, making me worry if I'll lose it, but so far it's been great.

Absolutely Purr-fect!

I couldn't be happier with this purchase. It's clear the makers of the Nutrition Catnip Ball considered cats' needs when designing this product. The quality is excellent, and the ease of fixing it to different surfaces amazed me. My feline friend is not only playing more but also looks forward to her 'special treat' every day. Highly recommended!

Great Product, but Needs Stronger Adhesive

I must say, the Nutrition Catnip Ball has been great for preventing hairballs and keeping Ginger hydrated. It's impressive how the ball entices her to licking it throughout the day. However, the adhesive could be improved, as it fell off a couple of times. Aside from that minor issue, this is a fantastic addition to any cat's playtime.

Nearly Perfect - Siamese Approved!

Our Siamese cats are infatuated with their new toy! It's rare to find something that keeps them both entertained and is good for them. The plastic cover is genius; it prevents them from overeating and keeps the treat lasting longer. Only wish the candy was a tad larger, but overall, this is a fantastic product.

Good Concept but My Cat is Uninterested

The product seems well-made, and I appreciate the health benefits it claims. Unfortunately, my cat hasn't shown much interest in the Nutrition Catnip Ball despite my best efforts. I would still recommend trying it, as it might be a hit with less picky cats.