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Outdoor Professional Rock Climbing Carabiner

Outdoor Professional Rock Climbing Carabiner

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• The Small D Carabiner Screwgate Carabiner is an outdoor professional rock climbing carabiner designed for multifunctional use.
• It boasts robust aluminum alloy construction and is available in vivid color options including Red, Orange, Blue, Black, and Grey.

• Dimensions: Width – 58mm, Height – 101mm, Thickness – 10mm, and Opening – 17mm
• Weight: 63g
• Material: Strong Aluminum Alloy
• Available Colors: Red, Orange, Blue, Black, and Grey
• Breaking Strength: 25kN Vertical, 8kN Horizontal, 7kN open gate

• This Carabiner is crafted from a strong aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and reliability.
• It sports compact dimensions with an opening of 17mm, perfect for easy attachment and detachment.
• It is lightweight (63g) yet heavy-duty, built to withstand substantial pressure with a breaking strength of 25kN vertically, 8kN horizontally, and 7kN when the gate is open.
• Comes in an array of colors - Red, Orange, Blue, Black, and Grey - allowing users to choose according to their preference.

• Durable construction ensures long-term use without compromising on performance.
• Lightweight design makes it easy to carry, adding minimal weight to your gear.
• Significant breaking strength ensures safety, providing peace of mind during strenuous activities.
• Multi-functionality makes it suitable for various activities including climbing, expanding, firefighting, working at height, caving, hanging etc.
• Availability in various colors allows personalization according to user preferences.

NOTE: Always ensure the carabiner gate is properly closed before use. While this carabiner offers significant breaking strength, exceeding its rated capability can lead to injuries. Always follow climbing and safety guidelines for any activity. This carabiner is designed for professional use and must be used under the supervision of experienced individuals.

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Customer Reviews

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Highly Reliable and Durable Carabiner

I've been using the Small D Carabiner Screwgate for a few weeks now, and it's impressively reliable. The aluminum alloy feels very solid, and the carabiner is amazingly lightweight for how strong it is. The colors are vibrant and make it easy for me to identify my gear when climbing with friends. Definitely trust it for my climbs!

Perfect Balance of Strength and Weight

Amazing product! The 25kN vertical breaking strength gives me confidence while I'm suspended high off the ground, and at 63g, it's like I'm carrying nothing at all. I particularly appreciate the variety of colors; the orange one really pops against my climbing gear!

Decent, But There's Room for Improvement

The carabiner is undoubtedly strong and lightweight, which is great. However, the gate screw action isn't as smooth as I'd like, and sometimes it snags when I'm in a rush. It's a decent carabiner for professional use but be ready to deal with a couple of quirks.

Sturdy and Versatile - Nearly Perfect

The Small D Carabiner Screwgate performs well in various situations. I've used it for everything from rock climbing to securing equipment. It's sturdy and trustworthy. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is that it can be a tad difficult to screw and unscrew with gloves on - but it's a minor issue.

Colorful Safety Essentials

These carabiners are not only safe and robust but also quite stylish. I love being able to match them with my climbing attire. They're also really strong, which is critical for my peace of mind when I'm climbing. Highly recommend for climbers looking for gear that is both functional and fun.