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Over-ear Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Over-ear Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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- Over-ear Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with a unique breathing gradient light effect for an immersive gaming experience.
- Custom-tuned 50mm driver unit for high clarity sound and deep dive depth.
- Adjustable microphone with high-definition noise reduction for clear communication.
- Independent sound control design for quick and convenient operation.
- Lightweight body with 3CM adjustment space on both sides of the headband for comfortable long-term wear.

- Product Model: X25
- Speaker Diameter: 50mm
- Impedance: 32ohm /-15%
- Sensitivity: 110db /-3db
- Frequency: 20-20000Hz
- Mic sensitivity: -38db-b /-3db
- Mic Impedance: 2.2 kohm
- Directivity: Omni-directional
- Cable length: 2.2m

- The headphones feature a breathing gradient light effect that enhances the gaming atmosphere.
- The custom-tuned 50mm driver unit delivers sound with higher clarity and dive depth, allowing you to capture subtle footsteps and feel the shocking gunfire in games.
- The microphone can be freely bent to find a better radio point, ensuring smooth and unhindered communication.
- The headphones effectively reduce environmental and background noise, providing a quiet, immersive music and game world.
- The headband has a 3CM adjustment space on both sides, ensuring comfort during long-term wear, especially for glasses wearers.
- The headphones have an independent sound control design for quick control of sound size, and a separate USB light effect switch for convenient operation.

- Enhances gaming experience with its unique light effect and high clarity sound.
- Allows for clear communication with its adjustable, noise-reducing microphone.
- Provides comfort during long-term wear with its lightweight body and adjustable headband.
- Offers quick and convenient operation with its independent sound control design.

- Please handle the headphones with care to avoid damage to the light effect feature.
- Adjust the headband carefully to avoid discomfort or pressure on the head.
- Do not expose the headphones to water or excessive moisture as it may damage the electronic components.
- Always keep the volume at a safe level to prevent potential hearing damage.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Solid Gaming Headset with Minor Improvements Needed

The X25s deliver on sound quality and the noise-canceling mic is quite good. The light effects are a little gimmicky for my taste but they're not too distracting. I think they could improve on the cable length for more freedom of movement.

Top-Notch Audio, Comfort Could Be Better

The audio quality here meets my high expectations. The microphone picks up sound well. However, they're a bit tight for my head, even after adjusting. If you have a larger head, these might be snug.

Eye-Catching Design with Brilliant Sound

These X25 headphones stand out with their light effects and I've gotten plenty of compliments. Sound-wise, they provide an immersive experience with clear highs and deep lows. The mic performs well even in noisy environments. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Immersive Gaming Experience

These headphones changed my gaming experience with their immersive sound quality. The 50mm driver delivers powerful audio you can feel. The noise reduction is effective, and I like that you can control the sound without messing with your computer settings.

Perfect for Gamers and Music Lovers

I streamed music for hours with these and then switched to a gaming session, and I'm impressed by the versatility of the headphones. They provide excellent audio quality for both scenarios. The light effects are a great conversation starter, too!