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Pet Dog Toys Automatic Throwing Machine

Pet Dog Toys Automatic Throwing Machine

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• This Automatic Pet Dog Toy Throwing Machine is ideal for engaging your small pets in a dynamic and fun game.
• Comes with a three-stage launch distance control to adjust as per your indoor space.
• Designed in a compact size to fit in any free corner without consuming much space.

• Dimensions: 21x26x27cm
• Contains: 3x 5cm diameter balls, 1x power cord plug, 1x launcher, and 1x product brochure.

• The machine features balls with a 5cm diameter that are designed to be friendly for small pets to bite.
• Equipped with a three-stage launch distance control, allowing adjustments for different small indoor spaces.
• Once powered on, the machine will scan every 10 seconds for the ball using an infrared sensor and launch it every 10 seconds.
• This set includes a power cord plug, a launcher, and a product brochure along with the balls.

• Provides a great way to keep your pets entertained and healthy, even when you're busy.
• Adaptable to different indoor spaces thanks to its three-stage launch distance control.
• Its compact size allows for easy placement anywhere, free up your living space.
• Allows for automatic and adjustable playtime for your dog, preventing boredom.

NOTE: Be aware that when the machine is in use it makes some noise. This is due to the design of the internal rollers used to launch the balls and is completely normal. Not suitable for dogs who are noise sensitive.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Perfect Indoor Exercise Buddy

Living in the city means not always having the space for my corgi to run freely. This toy throwing machine is the perfect solution! It doesn't take up much space and keeps him running back and forth, tiring him out when we can't get to the park. Highly recommend for small dog owners!

Cute but a bit noisy

The compact size is perfect for my small apartment, and my chihuahua loves it! However, the noise level is a bit higher than I expected, making it a bit unsuitable for late-night play. The machine is simple to use and the balls are the perfect size. Overall it's good, but I wish it were quieter.

A hit with my Pug!

My pug can't get enough of this machine. It's a lifesaver on busy workdays. It did take him a couple of days to get used to the sound, but now he's all about that fetch life. It's very user-friendly and the power cord is long enough for flexibility in placement.

Tech Toy for My Furry Friend

My tech-loving heart enjoys watching my schnauzer's excitement with this machine. The infrared sensor adds a high-tech touch as it scans for the ball. It's surprisingly durable and well-built. It's an excellent solution for days when the weather doesn't allow for outdoor play.

Game Changer for Rainy Days

I purchased this pet toy launcher for rainy days and it's been a game-changer. Adjustable launch distances make it a fit for nearly any space you might have. While the noise can be a bit much, it's nothing my Boston terrier can't handle. It keeps him busy and happy when we can't go outside.