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Pet Dog Triceratops Dinosaur Hat

Pet Dog Triceratops Dinosaur Hat

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• This product is a pet triceratops dinosaur hat, a playful accessory suitable for cats or dogs.
• This hat is perfect for pets with large heads and can be adjusted with the equipped elastic for a perfect fit.

• Dimensions: 28 x 18cm
• Weight: Not Specified
• Material: Cloth
• Color: As shown in the product image
• Recommended pet: Dogs and large-headed cats

• This pet dog triceratops dinosaur hat comes in a single unique color as shown in the product image.
• It is designed with an adjustable elastic that, when tightened, allows the hat to bend on both sides for better head wrapping.
• The hat is fabricated from cloth material ensuring comfort for your pet.

• Adds an adorable and unique look to your pet.
• Easy to put on and adjust to the perfect fit thanks to the adjustable strap.
• Made from cloth material, providing your pet with a comfortable wearing experience.
• Suitable for any special occasions or photo shoots giving your pet a standout appearance.

NOTE: Remember not to tighten the adjustable elastic too snugly as it might cause discomfort to your pet. Always ensure it fits correctly where your pet can still move comfortably. Regularly check your pet’s response to the hat to ensure there are no adverse reactions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Dapper Dino in the House!

This triceratops hat made our holiday photoshoot with our pets a blast. Easy to fit on both our Beagle and Ragdoll cat, thanks to the stretchy elastic. They didn't seem to mind wearing it either which is always a major plus!

Super Cute Dino Hat for my Pooch!

I absolutely adore this triceratops hat for my Lab! He's got a pretty big head, and the adjustable elastic meant I could get it to fit him just right. We've been turning heads at the dog park, it's incredibly cute. It seems comfortable for him too, which is a relief.

Historically Hilarious!

My terrier looks hilariously adorable in this hat. It fits well, and he doesn't try to shake it off like other hats. Fabric is breathable, and the hat stays on even during our backyard Jurassic chase scenes!

Adorable but keep an eye on the fit

The hat is downright adorable, no arguments there. Getting my bulldog to keep it on is another story ??he doesn't seem to mind it when distracted, but I have to be careful not to tighten it too much. Loved the look for our Flintstone-themed party. Just monitor your pet to ensure they're not stressed by it!

Good for a Giggle!

Got this for my Pomeranian, and it's a riot! The material is soft, and the construction seems solid. While my Pom isn't the biggest fan of dressing up, he tolerated this hat long enough for us to capture some hilarious pictures. Definitely a win for special occasions or just for a good laugh.