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Pet GPS Tracking Collar

Pet GPS Tracking Collar

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• Smart and lightweight Pet GPS Tracking Collar
• Equipped with a callback function and remote listening feature
• Designed for safety and convenience in tracking your pets

• Material: High-quality ABS rubber
• Dimensions: Total collar length: 65cm; Adjustable collar circumference: 43 - 58cm
• Weight: Lightweight for pet comfort
• Battery: built-in 500mAh Li-ion battery
• Network: Utilizes GSM/GPRS network for accurate tracking
• GPS accuracy: Within 2 - 5m range
• Storage temperature: -40 - 85 Deg.C
• Working temperature: -20 - 55 Deg.C

• The pet tracker is designed to be compact and light, reducing any burden to pets.
• The collar features GPS functionality enabling owners to locate their pets any time on their phones.
• A security fence can be set around the location tracker, setting off alarms when the pet enters or exits the set area.
• The collar has a remote listening feature, keeping guardians updated.
• The built-in callback function automatically dials a preset number at the press a 'sure' button.
• The water-resistant design is suitable for various environments.
• The tracker offers two location modes providing convenience based on need.

• Easy pet monitoring with GPS function
• The device is a lightweight and compact design ensuring pet comfort
• Water-resistant build allows flexibility of use across various environments
• The Callback and remote listening feature helps guardians keep in constant touch.
• Security fence feature alerts users when pets enter or exit the set area providing added safety.
• Provides peace of mind to pet owners by reducing the risk of pets getting lost.

NOTE: Please ensure the GPS Tracker is securely attached to your pet's collar to prevent loss or damage. Do not submerge the device in water despite its water-resistant nature, and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. Refer to the provided manual for detailed instructions and precautions.

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Customer Reviews

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Effective and Reliable

The pet GPS tracker has been a game-changer. We set up the security fence feature around our yard, and it's worked flawlessly, alerting us whenever our dog crosses the boundary. The collar itself is sturdy, and the rubber material seems comfortable for our dog. It's a high-quality product that gives us one less thing to worry about.

Peace of Mind for Pet Parents!

I absolutely love this GPS Tracking Collar for my adventurous pup! The GPS accuracy is spot on, and the real-time tracking feature has eased my mind whenever he's outside playing. The callback function is genius - it's like my dog has its own cell phone. The water-resistant design also means I don't have to worry when he's out in the rain. A must-have for every pet owner!

Smart Feature-Loaded Collar

The callback function and the safety alarm have added so much value to our daily lives. I didn't realize how essential this device would be until I started using it. It's well-made and feels secure on my dog's neck.

Convenient and Reassuring

I specifically bought this collar for the remote listening function, and it's been so reassuring to hear that my dog is okay while I'm at work. The collar isn't bulky and has stayed in good shape, even with my dog's rough play.

Durable and Trustworthy Tracking

Living in an area with extreme weather conditions, I was looking for something that could withstand both heat and cold. This collar has been through it all and continues to perform excellently. The water-resistant feature is just the cherry on top!