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Plush Hammock Pet Bird Soft Bed

Plush Hammock Pet Bird Soft Bed

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• Comfortable hammock-styled pet bird bed made with premium crystal velvet material
• Available in two size options: Medium and Large
• Designed to imitate bird nests with surrounding design for wind protection and warmth
• Easy to install with durable hanging hooks
• Perfect for small birds and other petite animals like macaws, parakeets, cockatoos, hamsters, and guinea pigs

• Material: Crystal Velvet
• M-size Hammock Dimensions: 17cm width x 11cm height (7 inches x 4.33 inches)
• L-size Hammock Dimensions: 28cm width x 17cm height (11 inches x 7 inches)

• The hammock takes inspiration from bird nests and features a brown house decorated with green leaves
• Facilitated with durable hanging hooks for easy installation in cages and outdoor trees
• Available in two distinct sizes to accommodate different sizes of birds and small animals
• The double-layered design makes it the ideal spot for birds to rest and play
• The nest is made of thick, non-toxic, wear-resistant crystal velvet that is perfect for birds' claws scratch

• Provides a cozy, warm, and wind-resistant environment for small birds and animals to rest
• Convenient and easy to hang in cages or trees, providing a friendly environment for your pet
• Offers a fun and relaxing entertainment place for your bird
• The thickened crystal velvet material makes it durable, ensuring a longer lifespan
• The hard-bottom design protects the hammock from claws scratches, ensuring the nest stays intact longer

NOTE: Please note, the package includes only the bird nest. Any other accessories or demonstrations in the images are not included in the package. Be sure to choose the right size of the nest according to your bird or pet's size for the best fit and comfort.

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Customer Reviews

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A Cozy Retreat for My Parakeet!

This bird bed has become my parakeet's favorite spot in the cage. The crystal velvet material is so soft and looks really durable. I love the natural, nest-like design with the green leaves - it's adorable! And the large size is perfect for my bird to snuggle in. Highly recommended for any bird owner looking for a comfy and cute bed for their pet.

Warm and Safe, but Sizing is Off

I purchased the medium size for my parakeet, and while it loves the warmth and protection, it just barely fits inside. I would recommend sizing up. Other than that, the material quality is incredible, and my bird seems to be quite at home in it.

Almost Perfect Nest for Small Pets

The concept and material are fantastic; however, there's some room for improvement. I wish there were more size options, as my guinea pig is on the chubbier side and would've preferred a bit more space in the large size. But overall, a solid 4 stars from me!

Charming and Comforting

The nest looks exactly like the pictures - charming and very well made. My parakeets took to it instantly. Seeing them peek out from the leaves is a delight. And the fact that it's so easy to hang and clean is the icing on the cake!

Not Just Beautiful but Functional

You get what you see - a good-looking bird nest that delivers on its promises. The usability is top-notch with easy hanging hooks, and it does a great job keeping my pet birds warm and entertained. A great accessory for any bird owner.