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Popular Pet Fleece

Popular Pet Fleece

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• This popular Pet Fleece is a fun and fashionable plush toy designed specifically for dogs. It comes in three different colors – pink, grey, and yellow – each representing a different animal.


• Dimensions: 25cm x 4cm
• Weight: 44.0g
• Material: Plush
• Colors: Pink represents a pig, Yellow represents a duck, Gray represents an elephant.
• Quantity: 1pcs/bag
• Gender: Dog
• Style: Casual, Fashionable


• This plush pet toy is designed with a casual and stylish look to keep your pet entertained.
• It is lightweight and easily manageable for dogs.
• This toy is made from high-quality plush material, promising durability.
• It comes in a single piece per bag to ensure freshness and quality.
• Different colors represent different animals adding fun variety to your pet’s toy collection.


• Its soft plush material is gentle on your pet's teeth.
• Assorted animal designs can provide variety and stimulation for your pet.
• The fashionable design keeps your pet stylish during playtime.
• High-quality materials ensure the toy's durability and longevity.
• Easy to carry and toss around, providing physical exercise for your pet.
• Offers hours of play, reducing boredom and separation anxiety.

While this toy is designed for durability, no toy is indestructible. Always supervise your pet while they are playing with this toy. Ensure it is suitable for your pet's size and chew strength. If you see any signs of excessive wear and tear, please replace the toy. Pets should not be allowed to swallow broken pieces to avoid any potential choking hazard. Always provide fresh water for your pet after play sessions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
My Lab's New Companion

The grey elephant Pet Fleece has become my Labrador's inseparable companion. It's survived his energetic play and lots of slobbery love. I?m really pleased with the resilience of this toy. It's also easy to clean, which is a bonus!

Wine Nights and Pet Fleece!

My dog and I have a ritual where he gets a new toy on my wine nights. The Pet Fleece added a great vibe to our tradition with its chic design. He's normally calm, but he gets quite animated playing with his new piggy toy. It's held up well so far, which is impressive considering the workout he gives it!

Cute Toy... But My Dog Prefers Her Old Rag

I thought the pink pig Pet Fleece was so cute, but my dog is indifferent to it. She sniffed it a few times and then went back to her ratty old rag. The toy seems well made though, so I'm still giving it a good rating. Maybe she'll warm up to it over time.

Fashion-Forward Furry Fun

Absolutely love the fashion aspect of these toys! The duck has been a stylish addition to my dog's collection. Not only does it look great, but it?s also his new favorite thing to play with. It's light enough for him to carry around easily, and durable enough to last. Definitely a must-have!

Our Golden Retriever's Favorite Toy

Our Golden Retriever, Buddy, has fallen in love with the pink pig Pet Fleece toy. It's the right size for him to play with and carry around. It's been a few weeks now, and the toy is still in pretty good shape despite daily play. The only reason we're not giving it 5 stars is because the stitching came loose a bit earlier than expected, but it was an easy fix.