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Portable Bluetooth Speaker for PC

Portable Bluetooth Speaker for PC

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- Portable Bluetooth speaker with customizable pixel art designs
- Premium sound quality with a 15W DSP speaker
- Includes a microphone for karaoke mode
- Unique retro computer appearance, perfect for game room decoration
- Practical functions including social media message notification, alarm clock, and time planner via DIVOOM APP

- Model: Ditoo-Mic
- Output power: 15W
- Bluetooth Version: 5.0
- Battery capacity: Speaker - 5000mAh, Microphone - 350mAh
- Dimensions: Speaker - 114.2 x 90 x 121.2mm, Microphone - 22.6 x 22.6 x 116.8mm
- Weight: Speaker - 524g, Microphone - 32g
- Playtime: Speaker - Up to 8 hours, Microphone - 5 hours (Varied by Volume Level & Function)
- Charge: Speaker - 5V 2A, Microphone - 5V 1A
- Wireless range: Speaker - 10M/33FT, Microphone - 5m

- The Ditoo-Mic speaker is equipped with a 16*16 pixel display for creating and displaying pixel art designs in real-time via the Divoom APP.
- The speaker and your pixel art design will play and dance to the equalizer, providing a unique audio-visual experience.
- The included microphone can be connected to the speaker via Bluetooth for karaoke mode.
- The speaker's retro computer appearance and mechanical keyboard design make it an ideal decoration for game rooms.
- The DIVOOM APP allows you to set social media message notifications, alarm clocks, and time planners, making the Ditoo-Mic a practical tool beyond just a speaker.

- Enhances your audio experience with premium sound quality and customizable pixel art designs.
- Allows for interactive fun with karaoke mode.
- Enhances game room aesthetics with its unique retro computer design.
- Provides practical functions like social media notifications, alarm clock, and time planner through the DIVOOM APP.

- Please ensure the speaker and microphone are charged using the correct voltage (5V 2A for the speaker, 5V 1A for the microphone) to avoid damage.
- Keep the devices within the specified wireless range for optimal performance (10M/33FT for the speaker, 5m for the microphone).
- The playtime of both the speaker and microphone may vary based on volume level and function usage.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Cool Concept, Good Sound!

The Ditoo-Mic has been a fun addition to my tech gadgets. The pixel art is a neat touch, though I find myself not using the feature as much as I thought. The speaker does pack a nice sound punch, but my microphone battery did not last as long as I hoped. Overall, 4 stars for its sound and uniqueness.

Innovative but not without flaws

Kudos for creativity to whoever designed the Ditoo-Mic! I love showing off the pixel art to my friends. The sound is crisp, but the volume doesn't go as high as I'd like without losing some of that clarity. Also, I wish the battery life were longer. It's overall a great buy, so 4 stars from me.

Great Sound, but Room for Improvement

Enjoying the speaker's sound quality and the pixel art feature brings a smile to my face. However, the karaoke mode isn't as seamless as I'd like, with some connection hiccup between the speaker and microphone occasionally. But it's a unique concept overall. Giving it a solid 4 stars.

Adorable and Functional

I purchased the Ditoo-Mic mostly for its cute aesthetic, but wow, it really delivers on performance too! The sound is fantastic, and I've been using the planner and alarm features daily. It's also super fun during parties, especially with the karaoke functionality. Totally worth it ??5 stars!

Perfect Addition to My Game Room

The retro computer style of this speaker is what caught my eye first, but the functionality is what has me sold. The DIVOOM APP adds a lot, especially with the social media notifications and planning features. Sound quality is also super for my gaming sessions. Highly recommend for anyone looking to add some flair to their game room.