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Portable Multifunction Camping Light

Portable Multifunction Camping Light

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• This Portable Multifunction Camping Light is a lightweight, multi-functional outdoor lamp perfect for outdoor adventures such as camping and hiking, with bonus flashlight accessories and an upgraded Type-C rechargeable design.
• The camping light also offers multiple light modes and a soft color temperature that is gentle on the eyes.

• Dimensions: 104mm in length.
• Weight: 85g.
• Powered by: Type-C rechargeable battery.

• This camping light is portable and very light, making it perfect for outdoor activities.
• It includes convenient flashlight accessories housed in a gift box.
• The lamp features a Type-C charging interface that is user-friendly, offering a shorter charging time and extending the lamp's service life.
• An in-built power indicator provides up-to-date battery usage levels.
• This multifunction camping lamp also boasts multiple light modes, adjustable by just a simple click.

• The compact size and lightweight nature makes it easy to carry this lamp during camping, hiking, or mountaineering.
• The high quality flashlight kit makes an excellent gift for family, friends and children.
• The convenient Type-C rechargeable flashlight helps conserve energy while keeping light operational for 4-7 hours.
• The power indicator helps you keep track of your battery, avoiding any abrupt power outages.
• Multiple light modes allow you to adjust lighting to your preference, with a soft color temperature gentle on the eyes.
• The value lighting pack includes not just the flashlight but also a tripod, removable lampshade, and charging cable, providing a comprehensive solution to your lighting needs.

NOTE: It is advisable to keep the flashlight kit away from infants and toddlers because small parts from the flashlight kit like the lampshade and tripod pose a choking hazard. Kindly ensure the lamp is always used under adult supervision when around children. Always ensure to recharge the lamp using the designated Type-C cable to prevent malfunction or potential electric hazards.

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Customer Reviews

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My Go-To Lamp for Night Hikes

As someone who enjoys night-time hiking, this lamp has become my go-to equipment piece. It's incredibly lightweight and the multiple modes mean I can switch from a bright pathfinder to a soft ambient light in seconds. The charging is fast and I've even used the lamp as a power bank in emergencies. Highly recommend!

Tech Friendly and Efficient

From a tech enthusiast's point of view, this camping light hits all the right notes with its Type-C rechargeability and power indicator. No more guessing when it will run out of juice. Bright enough for my tech work in dim conditions, and I?ve adapted it for some DIY photography lighting as well! The added accessories are a great touch, especially the tripod.

Decent Light, Could Be Brighter

The lamp is decent for its size and the Type-C recharge is convenient. The multiple light modes are useful although I wish it could be brighter. It's fine for close-up tasks but don't expect it to illuminate a large area. Good for the small tasks, but if you need serious light power, look elsewhere.

Eco-friendly and Super Bright!

I'm all about eco-friendly products, and this rechargeable lamp with Type-C cable is just the ticket. No more disposable batteries for me. The light lasted through my whole evening BBQ and still had juice. Plus, the power indicator kept me informed, so no surprises!

Makes a Great Gift!

I bought two of these, one for myself and one to gift. Both the recipient and I love them. It's not only practical, lightweight, and lasts for hours, but it also comes in a nice gift box. The Type-C charging makes it a modern tool that fits right in with our other gadgets. Would highly recommend!