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Portable Outdoor Berry Puch

Portable Outdoor Berry Puch

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• A compact and portable Outdoor Berry Punch made of PU+ canvas and ABS+canvas available in various colors.
• Comes packaged in an OPP bag for ease of transport.

• Materials: PU+ canvas, ABS+canvas
• Dimensions: 21.5*20cm (Product), 27.5 * 22 * 1cm (Product), 15*13*3cm (Packaging), 60*50*40cm (Box size)
• Weight: 90g (Product), 74g (Product), 15KG (Box with 200 pieces)
• Color: brown, black, khaki, military green

• The Outdoor Berry Punch is designed for portability and convenience.
• It is made from hard-wearing PU+ canvas and ABS+canvas which ensure durability.
• The product is available in four different colors: brown, black, khaki, and military green.
• The punch is conveniently packaged in a small OPP bag and is lightweight, making it perfect for outdoor activities.

• Heavy-duty materials ensure the product's longevity.
• A variety of colors to choose from to suit your preference.
• Lightweight and portable design makes it perfect for traveling and outdoor activities.
• Easy to store; comes in an OPP bag for convenience.

NOTE: The Outdoor Berry Punch is a robust product. However, user caution is advised as misuse or rough handling may damage the product. It is recommended to store the product in a dry place to maintain its quality and extend its lifespan. The product and packaging are not toys and should be kept out of reach from children to prevent choking hazards.

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Customer Reviews

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Lightweight and Durable - A Must-Have!

This Outdoor Berry Punch is a game changer for my outdoor excursions. I chose the military green color, and it doesn't show dirt easily, which I appreciate. The portability aspect is fantastic, and despite its light weight, it doesn't sacrifice on durability. It's survived drops and bumps with barely a scratch!

Convenient and Durable!

I was skeptical at first, but the Outdoor Berry Punch has exceeded my expectations. The black color I picked looks sleek, and the quality of both PU+ canvas and ABS+canvas is top-notch. It's gone through some rough use but shows no signs of wear. Also, the OPP bag is a nice touch for storage. I'm pleased with how functional and resilient this product is.

Style Meets Functionality

I bought the Outdoor Berry Punch in khaki for its stylish look and portability. The ABS+canvas combination seems to resist the outdoor elements well. It's light, easy to pack in its OPP bag, and the colors match pretty much any of my outdoor apparel. It's a great blend of style and functionality for me.

Sturdy but Lacks Flexibility

The Outdoor Berry Punch is indeed a solid product. I've tried it in khaki, and it's built to last. However, I find it less flexible than I'd prefer for quick use during my nature photography outings. It's a great product, but I'd love to see a version that's a bit more adaptable to frequent handling.

Reliable and Functional

The Outdoor Berry Punch in khaki has not disappointed me yet. It's made from heavy-duty materials, and I can tell it will last a long time. It's simple to use, and the lightweight design is perfect for my backpacking trips. I'm very satisfied with this product.