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Portable Phillips Slotted Screwdriver Key Ring

Portable Phillips Slotted Screwdriver Key Ring

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• A portable Phillips slotted screwdriver key ring
• Designed with a flat handle for easy grip
• Stainless steel construction ensures enhanced durability
• Accommodates 1/4" head hex
• Splits open for easy addition or removal of keys

• Dimensions: 60*16mm at widest width
• Made from stainless steel
• Colour variations as depicted in the product images

• This product is a multipurpose key ring featuring a Phillips slotted screwdriver.
• The compact size and portable design make it convenient for carrying around.
• Equipped with a flat handle design, it allows users to exert their strength efficiently.
• The screwdriver component accommodates a 1/4" head hex.
• The split key mechanism allows easy addition or removal of keys.

• Highly durable owing to its stainless steel construction
• The compact and portable design allows easy storage and transportation
• Multipurpose utility – works as a key holder as well as a screwdriver
• The split key design facilitates easy key management
• Flat handle design facilitates easier application of force

NOTE: While this product is designed with user safety in mind, always exercise caution when handling the screwdriver element to avoid accidental injuries. It's not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children. Ensure to securely close the key split after adding or removing keys to prevent accidental losses.

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Customer Reviews

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Great for Tech Emergencies

As someone who works a lot with tech, having a portable screwdriver on my keychain has saved me more times than I can count. It's ideal for those tiny screws on gadgets. The flat handle design definitely helps exert force more comfortably. My only gripe is that it?s a bit bulkier than I expected.

Handiest Keychain I've Owned!

This portable Phillips key ring screwdriver is surprisingly sturdy, which I didn't expect from something that doubles as a keychain. The flat handle is a real game-changer; it feels secure while turning screws. Plus, the stainless steel build gives it a sleek look that?s held up well against my day-to-day activities.

Solid Build, Easy to Use

I'm impressed by this portable Phillips screwdriver key ring. The build quality feels top-notch, and it handles light to moderate screwing tasks with ease. The split key design is also really smart; adding and removing keys is a breeze. A must-have for anyone who likes tools or gadgets.

Efficient Tool on the Go

I got this tool for its dual function, and I'm happy to say I'm not disappointed. It's been handy for quick fixes around the office, and it effortlessly supports all my keys. The steel design is sleek, and the grip is comfortable. Definitely helps me be more efficient on the go.

Stylish and Practical

Was surprised at how much I've used the screwdriver function! I got the stainless steel key ring primarily because it matched my style, but it's ended up being practical too. So easy to pop new keys on. Just be sure to close it properly?it can be a bit finicky, but once it's secure, you're set!