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Portable Silicone Dog Cat Canned Lid

Portable Silicone Dog Cat Canned Lid

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• This product is a Portable Silicone Dog Cat Canned Lid.
• It's designed to perfectly fit all canned cat or dog food, reducing waste and preserving freshness.

• Material: Food Grade Silicone
• Compatibility: 99% of canned cat or dog food on market

• The Portable Silicone Dog Cat Canned Lid provides a 360° sealed package, ensuring the freshness of canned pet food.
• Featuring an embedded seal design, this lid adheres well to the can, reducing the risk of leakage.
• The lid can keep canned food fresh for up to 72 hours.

• Made from food-grade silicone, it's safe for pet food storage.
• Minimizes odor, promotes preservation, and reduces food waste
• With the capacity to fit over 99% of canned pet food on the market, this lid is conveniently versatile.

NOTE: Always ensure that the lid is securely attached to the can to prevent any leakage or spoilage of food. Remember that while the lid can preserve food freshness for up to 72 hours, it is recommended to use the food within this period to guarantee that your pet is consuming fresh food. The lid is not a permanent replacement for food storage after opening a canned pet food.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Preserves Freshness Like a Charm!

So happy with these lids! They snap on easily and seal the can completely. I accidentally left the cat food in the fridge for a day longer than usual, but it was still fresh, thanks to this lid. It's definitely high-quality and preserves as promised.

A Must-Have for Pet Owners!

I recently bought these silicone lids for my two cats' food cans and they're amazing! No more messy plastic wraps or dealing with half-sealed cans. These lids provide an airtight seal that keeps the food fresh for much longer than I expected. Definitely noticed a decrease in food waste since the food stays fresh.

Leakage No More

I've had issues with other products leaking, but these silicone lids are top-notch. They create a leak-proof seal that's easy to apply and remove. I've saved money by not having to throw out spoiled food. Highly recommend!

Convenient and Functional

I bought these thinking they might just be another kitchen gadget I'd regret, but I was wrong. They fit perfectly on the cans I buy and have made feeding time less of a hassle. No more dry, wasted pet food.

Does the Job, But Could Be More Flexible

These lids do keep the cat food fresh, but I found them a bit stiff when fitting them onto different can sizes. They work, but sometimes I have to really force them on to get a proper seal.