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Puppy Dog Cat Hair Bows Colorful Rubber Bands

Puppy Dog Cat Hair Bows Colorful Rubber Bands

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• A pack of 200 Puppy Dog Cat Hair Bows with Colorful Rubber Bands
• Ideal for grooming and styling your pet

• Quantity: 200 pieces
• Weight: Lightweight for comfortable wear
• Materials: Durable Rubber

• These pet rubber bands are specially designed to be comfortable and gentle on your pet's hair.
• They are colorful and add a festive touch to your pet's appearance.
• Suitable for both puppies and kittens, they are easy to use and remove without causing any discomfort.
• Perfect for everyday grooming, styling for pet shows, or special occasions.

• Allows you to style your pet’s hair effortlessly
• Ensures your pet looks neat and adorable
• Ideal for pet owners who love dressing up their pets
• Keeps unruly pet hair in place
• Durable and reusable rubber bands, offering long-lasting use

When using these rubber bands, ensure they are not too tight as this could cause discomfort to your pet. Always supervise your pet whilst wearing the bows to ensure they do not try to eat or chew the rubber bands as this could lead to serious harm or choking hazard.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Transformed My Grooming Business!

As a professional groomer, I've seen it all. These rubber band hair bows are now my go-to for customer's pets. They work on different hair types and the pets seem comfortable. The price for the quantity is phenomenal and the quality is consistent. It's influencers like these that keep my clients coming back!

Cute But Watch Out

These hair bows are adorable and my pets seem to like them. However, you need to watch your pets to make sure they don't chew on them. I appreciate the warning note from the company, but it's definitely something to keep in mind if your pet is a bit mischievous.

Absolutely Adorable Bows!

I bought these for my two poodles, and they are just perfect! Each bow is colorful and the rubber bands are sturdy but gentle on their fur. My dogs look amazing, and I've received so many compliments at the dog park. Plus, they've lasted through several grooming sessions. I highly recommend these to any pet parent!

Cute but Needs Supervision

These are pretty and colorful, but they're not for every pet. One of my cats is perfectly fine with them, but the other tries to bite them off. Make sure to supervise your pets while they're wearing these. They are also a bit difficult to remove sometimes without pulling out some fur.

Music to My Eyes!

I've been grooming my pets for years, and these bows add the perfect finishing touch. They're not just flamboyant; they actually have a utility by keeping hair out of their eyes. Just be careful not to put them on too tight.