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Retro Mini Phonograph Speaker

Retro Mini Phonograph Speaker

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• A Retro Mini Phonograph Speaker that combines vintage aesthetics with modern technology.
• Features a large-capacity battery for extended playtime.
• Designed with a bass diaphragm for superior sound quality.
• Compatible with all wireless devices for universal use.


• Dimensions: 138x112x150mm.
• Weight: Not specified.
• Materials: Plastic.
• Available Colors: Blue, Pink, White.
• Bluetooth Version: 5.0
• Working Range: Up to 10 meters.
• Speaker Size: 40mm.
• Speaker Output: 2*5W.
• Frequency Range: 150HZ-20KHz.
• Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥85dB.
• Distortion: ≤0.5%.
• Battery Capacity: 1500MAH.
• Charging Voltage: 5V±0.5V.
• Charging Time: 2 hours.
• Working Time: 5-8 hours.
• Standby Time: 200 hours.


• The Retro Mini Phonograph Speaker is designed with a trumpet shape, adding a touch of vintage beauty to your space.
• It features a large-capacity battery, allowing for about 6 hours of continuous music play.
• The speaker uses a bass diaphragm design at the bottom, which not only restores the sound source but also enhances the bass effect.
• It is universally compatible with all wireless devices, such as smartphones and tablets.


• Enjoy a blend of vintage style and modern technology in your living space or office.
• Experience superior sound quality with the bass diaphragm design.
• Benefit from extended playtime thanks to the large-capacity battery.
• Connect with a wide range of wireless devices for versatile use.


Please be aware that there might be slight color distortions due to different computer resolutions. Additionally, there might be minor measurement errors due to manual measurement. Always handle the speaker with care to avoid damage. The package includes the speaker, a charging cable, and an instruction manual.

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Customer Reviews

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Neat Design, Neat Sound

As a tech enthusiast, I'm always looking for gadgets that stand out. The Retro Mini Phonograph Speaker doesn't disappoint. The Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a stable connection, and I've experienced no drops in signal. I'm also pleasantly surprised by the battery life?having it play throughout my workday without a charge is a plus.

Great Speaker with Vintage Charm

This speaker is a conversation piece in my mid-century modern living room. Not only does it look good, but it also produces a crisp and rich sound. I'm satisfied with the Bluetooth range, and pairing it with my devices was a breeze. The battery longevity is commendable, although I expected a bit more than the 6 hours based on the 'large-capacity' description. Overall, very pleased!

A Travel Buddy with Style

I'm impressed with the design and performance of this speaker. Its size makes it an ideal travel companion, and the build quality feels solid. The sound fills my hotel room nicely when I'm on business trips, and it's always a topic of conversation with clients. The quirky design is a bonus! Definitely recommend for those who like their tech with personality.

Throwback Looks with Advanced Tech

Bravo to the designers for this unique Retro Mini Phonograph Speaker! It's not often you find a gadget that respects the past while embracing modern needs. The sound quality has exceeded my expectations for such a small device, and the bass is ample for casual listening. This little speaker has become my go-to for background music while I read.

Functional and Stylish

I've been using the Retro Mini Phonograph Speaker for a few days now, and it's hit all the right notes?literally. The size is perfect for my bookshelf, and the sound is clear with minimal distortion at higher volumes. The color options are adorable?I went with blue. The only thing I'd improve is the weight specification for those curious about portability. It feels light, though!