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Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box

Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box

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• The PETKIT Pura X self-cleaning cat litter box with thermal, infrared, and weight sensors
• Features anti-bacterial odor removal technology and special filter compatible with various cat litters (excludes crystal cat litters)
• Remote control and data monitoring available via PETKIT App
• Auto-cleaning and scheduled-cleaning modes along with an OLED display screen for easy status and data checks
• Award-winning designer’s product with space-saving design, suitable for cats weighing from 3 lbs to 18 lbs

• Dimensions: 19.84*20.94 *25.42 inches
• Entrance Diameter: 8.66 inches
• Max Cat Litter Capacity: 5L
• Waste Collection Bin: 7L
• Materials: Secure high-quality materials with thermal, infrared, and weight detection

• Pura X provides smart detection with thermal sensor, infrared sensor, and weight sensor
• Anti-pinch infrared sensors provide accident protection and remote alerts
• The independently researched purifying liquid removes unpleasant odors and formaldehyde while eliminating 99% of common harmful bacteria
• The special designed filter can accommodate plant litters, clay litters, and all other kinds of cat litters, except crystal litters
• The PETKIT App allows for remote control and data monitoring

• Convenient, self-cleaning operation reduces time spent on pet maintenance
• Anti-bacterial technology ensures a sanitary environment for your pet while eliminating unpleasant odors
• Smart technology alerts owners remotely of issues or accidents
• Compatible with a wide variety of litters to suit individual cat needs
• Elegant, space-saving design enhances aesthetics of your space

NOTE: Pine litter, while compatible, may not clump as much compared to other types of litter. Clumps formed may not stay together well. For optimal clumping, we recommend using PETKIT EVERCLEAN FLUSHABLE CAT LITTERS. Also, it's not recommended to use crystal cat litters with this product as they are not compatible with the special designed filter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sleek Design and Solid Tech, Minor Hiccups

The design of the PETKIT Pura X is sleek and modern, fitting well in my apartment. The technology inside is impressive, especially the infrared sensors for my curious kitten. I did encounter minor app connectivity issues initially, but customer service was prompt and helpful in resolving them.

Life-Changing for Multi-Cat Households!

With several cats at home, the PETKIT Pura X has been a godsend. I don't have to manually clean multiple litter boxes anymore. The weight sensor is precise, helping me monitor each cat's bathroom habits. The initial setup was a breeze, and it's quite the conversation starter with guests.

Odor-Free Living with Pura X!

I was skeptical at first, but the PETKIT Pura X litter box has won me over. The anti-bacterial feature works wonders on odors, and it's compatible with the plant litter I prefer for my two furballs. The PETKIT App's data monitoring helps me keep track of their health.

Great Product, But a Bit Pricy!

I must admit, the PETKIT Pura X does everything it claims. The thermal and weight sensors ensure that my cat's hygiene is managed effectively. However, I did find the initial cost a bit steep. Nonetheless, the convenience and reduced time spent cleaning up make it worth the investment.

Smart Litter Box That Cares for Your Cat & You!

As a tech enthusiast, I love how the PETKIT Pura X integrates into my smart home setup. The alerts when my overweight cat uses it are helpful to keep his weight in check. The entry size is perfect, and the odor removal technology actually works! It makes living with cats much more enjoyable.