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Self Inking Clothes Labelling Custom Personalised Name Stamp

Self Inking Clothes Labelling Custom Personalised Name Stamp

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• The Self Inking Clothes Labelling Custom Personalised Name Stamp ensures no more lost or mixed up clothes.
• Offers a practical solution for managing family wardrobes and keeping it all organized.
• Makes name stamping a quick and easy process, saving you time and money.
• Reusable product, designed for convenience and sustainability.
• The strong waterproof adhesive used resists up to 50 laundry cycles!

• Product Type: Self-Inking Name Stamp
• Usage: Clothing Labeling
• Features: Reusable, Waterproof ink
• Longevity: Up to 50 washes
• Stamp Customization: Personalised Name

• The Self Inking Clothes Labelling Custom Personalised Name Stamp is designed to make your life simple and organized.
• It secures your clothing items with your personal stamp - No mix-ups or lost items.
• Using the stamp is effortless - place it on the item, click and you're done.
• The ink used is multi-functional and can be used for thousands of impressions.
• Durability is a key aspect with the ink lasting for up to 50 washes!
• Prioritizing sustainability, the Name Stamp is reusable and requires minimal refills, reducing plastic waste.

• Ensures personalised clothing protection – no more missing or mistaken items.
• Saves time – simply stamp, click and go!
• Cost-efficient – a single stamp can be used thousands of times.
• Environment-friendly – the Name Stamp can be refilled and reused, reducing plastic waste.
• Resilient – the ink is waterproof and resists multiple washes.

NOTE: Ensure to refill the ink when the impression begins to lighten. This signifies that the ink is running low. Only refill with the same type of ink to maintain longevity, avoid other inks as it may damage the stamp. Although the ink is designed to withstand washes, consider placement on an area of the clothing less subjected to wear and tear for the best results.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Innovative Timesaver for Techies and Non-Techies Alike

In the tech world, efficiency is key. This name stamp is the epitome of that. Gone are the days of scribbling names with permanent markers. A quick stamp, and we're done. And it stands up to our rigorous tech event travel schedule. It impresses both in durability and time-saving.

Crafters' Delight but Limited on Dark Fabrics

I needed something to label my fabric crafts, and this stamp seemed perfect. It works wonderfully on lighter materials, but I struggle to see the name on darker ones. Although it's a bit of a bummer, I'm happy with the product's durability and ease of use.

Convenient but needs a bolder ink

I was excited about the concept of a reusable name stamp for my kids' clothes. It's no doubt convenient, but the ink could be bolder. It's not as visible on darker fabrics, which is a bit disappointing. I appreciate the eco-friendly aspect, though. It's a solid 3-star for me, but I'm hoping future versions come with different ink options.

Organizational Dream Come True!

As a professional organizer, I've recommended this stamp to countless clients. They've all come back with raving reviews! The stamp is remarkably resilient, and its eco-friendly design aligns perfectly with my values. Plus, it makes organizing kids' camps and school gears a breeze!

Mom-Approved for Budget-Conscious Families

Always on the lookout for cost-effective solutions for my family, I stumbled upon this stamp and fell in love. No more buying endless labels or marker pens that ruin clothes. I've stamped everything, and it's holding up great in the wash! Thanks for making something that helps my wallet!