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Sleep 3D Bluetooth 5.0 Eye Mask Headband

Sleep 3D Bluetooth 5.0 Eye Mask Headband

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- The Sleep 3D Bluetooth 5.0 Eye Mask Headband is a perfect companion for side sleepers, offering a comfortable and immersive audio experience.
- It features an ergonomic design that blocks out 100% of light, creating an absolute dark zone for a deep, restful sleep.
- The mask is equipped with a long-lasting battery and supports wired playback.
- It's made from comfortable, skin-friendly fabric and has a stylish, sunglasses-shaped design.

- Bluetooth protocol: V5.0
- Frequency range: 20HZ-20KHZ
- Charging voltage: 3.7V-4.2V
- Sensitivity: 88DM
- Signal to noise ratio: 90db
- Speaker impedance: 32- 15%
- Speaker specifications: φ30mm
- Operating range: 10m
- Charging time: 2H
- Use time: 10H (50% volume)
- Battery capacity: 200mAh lithium battery
- Bluetooth search name: BT-01
- Material: memory foam
- Product size: 28*14cm

- The Sleep 3D Bluetooth 5.0 Eye Mask Headband is designed with a unique nose area coverage to prevent light leakage.
- It's made from super soft memory foam and breathable fabric, making it lightweight and comfortable to wear.
- The mask is easy to disassemble and wash, either by hand or in a washing machine.
- It features an elastic adjustable band for a perfect fit.

- The mask provides an effective solution for insomnia, migraine headaches, and dry-eye sufferers by blocking out light and providing a comfortable sleep environment.
- It allows you to listen to music without the need for additional headphones, enhancing your relaxation and sleep quality.
- The mask's long battery life ensures up to 10 hours of music playback or talking, making it ideal for travel or long periods of use.
- Its stylish design and comfortable fabric make it a pleasure to wear, while the adjustable band ensures a perfect fit for any head size.

- Before connecting the Bluetooth sleep mask to your device, ensure it is disconnected from the charger.
- The mask should only be connected to one device at a time. Disconnect it from the previous device before connecting it to a new one.
- Ensure to remove the built-in earphones and the middle module before washing the mask.
- Adjust the nose flap to fit your nose comfortably for optimal light blocking.

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Customer Reviews

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Hot Sleeper's Choice

Living in a warmer climate, I've struggled with finding a sleep mask that doesn't make me sweat. This one's breathable fabric does the trick. The sound from the headphones helps drown out ambient noise. The sensitivity and sound quality are impressive for a product not solely focusing on audio.

Not for Every Side Sleeper

It's comfortable for the most part, and the blackout design works well. The sound quality is good, but not great. I've noticed the speakers shift occasionally when I'm on my back or side which sometimes makes me have to adjust the band. The mask is still a good buy, but it's not one-size-fits-all for every side sleeper's comfort.

Almost Perfect!

The Bluetooth range and sound quality are impressive for a product focused on sleep. It fits my head well and doesn't slip off when I move. Plus, not having a separate set of earphones is a plus for me. I'd say the Sleep 3D Eye Mask is almost perfect, but I do worry about durability if I have to frequently remove the electronics for washing.

Impressive Tech for Better Sleep

I was a bit skeptical about a tech-infused sleep mask, but I'm convinced now. I appreciate the adjustable band and the nose flap that keeps even the peskiest light out of my eyes. The easy disassembly for washing is a smart design choice. The memory foam could be a bit denser, but overall, the Sleep 3D Eye Mask is a solid investment for tech lovers looking for better sleep.

Uninterrupted Sleep Galore

Finally, a sleep mask that truly blocks out all the light! The Sleep 3D Bluetooth 5.0 Eye Mask Headband is a game-changer for me. The ergonomic design fits perfectly, and the fact that I can play some soothing tunes without disturbing my partner is incredible. I just wish the charging time could be a little shorter, but with up to 10 hours of playback, it's a minor quibble. The skin-friendly fabric is the cherry on top!