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Smart Laser Cat Feather Stick Toy

Smart Laser Cat Feather Stick Toy

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- Keep your kitty entertained with our Smart Laser Cat Feather Stick Toy
- Designed for interactive play, this toy features randomly moving feathers that pique your cat's curiosity
- Equipped with a smart sensor and motion activation for higher levels of engagement
- Features 3 modes of play to suit your cat's activity levels

- Activation: Motion-activated & Smart sensor
- Power: USB charging
- Modes: Three (Normal, Accelerated, Move & Normal)
- Feature: Auto turn off after 5 minutes

- This unique cat toy has six openings from which feathers pop out at random, mimicking the play of hide-and-seek with your furry friend
- Needs not to be stationary, it's designed with a moving wheel that adds an extra layer of fun as your cat pursues the moving toy
- The smart sensor reacts to obstacles and changes moving directions, it also activates upon cat’s touch when in standby
- It comes with a pre-programmed feature to automatically shut off after a 5-minute play session, ensuring restful periods for your cat
- Charging via USB makes usage more convenient as battery replacements are not needed

- Keeps your cat entertained and engaged for hours
- Different modes cater to the activity level of any cat, accommodating both solitary and multi-cat play
- Encourages your cat to exercise and stay active
- Smart sensor technology ensures the toy continues to provide stimulation, even when encountering obstacles
- Environment-friendly as it's rechargeable and doesn't require frequent battery changes

**NOTE:** Please be advised to monitor your cat during playtime and ensure the toy is kept in a spacious area where the cat can freely move around. Do not leave the toy turned on when not in use to ensure the battery's longevity.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A Game Changer for Cat Play

Our Smart Laser Cat Feather Stick Toy has been a game-changer. The motion activation is a superb feature, and the fact that it charges up so easily is perfect. My cat can't get enough of it, and I'm so pleased with how this encourages her natural hunting behaviors.

Keeps My Trio Entertained

With three cats at home, it's hard to keep them all entertained, but this toy manages to do just that. The different modes accommodate their varied playstyles and the smart design means the toy is almost as wily as my cats are!

Nice Concept but Mixed Results

The feather stick toy is quite innovative, and when it works, it's mesmerizing for my cats. However, the wheel got stuck once, which led to a slightly disappointing playtime. After a quick fix, it was up and running again. The USB charging is a feature I deeply appreciate.

Cat's New Favorite Toy!

My cat is absolutely obsessed with this laser feather toy! The random feather movements keep her intrigued for hours. I love that it has a smart sensor which means my cat can play even when I'm not around to activate it. Plus, the auto-off feature is a lifesaver for the battery life!

Interactive and Innovative

The Smart Laser Cat Feather Stick Toy has been a fantastic addition to my cat's play routine. Watching it avoid obstacles and activate on touch is impressive. Only wish it would stay on a bit longer than 5 minutes before auto shut-off.