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Smart Robotic Interactive Electronic Feather Teaser

Smart Robotic Interactive Electronic Feather Teaser

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• Intelligent interactive robotic cat toy with built-in sensors and two motion modes.
• USB rechargeable, with battery life of over 10 hours.
• Made of durable ABS material with non-slip wheels and LED lights.
• Ideal for indoor exercise and provides endless fun for your pet.
• Comes with teasing cat feathers, an USB charging cable, and a user manual.

• Material: ABS+Feather
• Color: White
• Battery: 1200mA Lithium Battery
• Charging: USB Charging
• Package Includes: 1Pcs Interactive Robotic Cat Toys, 2Pcs or 3Pcs Teasing Cat Feathers(Random Color), 1Pcs USB Charging Cable, 1Pcs User Manual

• The robotic cat toy has irregular motion patterns which keep your cat engaged.
• Inclusive of two operational modes such as free motion and inductive motion.
• The toy can be charged via USB and operates for 10 hours straight and stands by for up to 110 hours.
• Built with high-quality ABS material, the non-slip wheels allow for good traction on various floor types.

• Provides physical exercise for indoor cats, aiding in their overall health.
• Durable and scratch-resistant, thus ideal for spirited play sessions.
• Intuitive sensors keep the cat engaged by providing various motion patterns.
• Good battery life allows for uninterrupted playtime.
• LED lights provide visual intrigue without harming the cat's eyes.
• Serves as a great gift for pet owners.

• The toy uses LED lights instead of lasers to keep your pet's safety in mind. Avoid any modifications to the toy that could potentially harm the pet.
• Ensure to regularly check the toy for potential damage, as broken parts may pose a choking hazard to your pet.
• The toy is designed for pets only. Keep out of reach of children.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fantastic Exercise Tool for Cats

My indoor cat used to just lie around all day, but this toy has gotten her moving! I love the interactive sensors which adapt to her movements - keeps things fresh. The non-slip wheels are effective on our tiled floors too. Great product!

High-quality Fun Time for Mittens

I'm impressed with the durable ABS material of this toy. It's survived numerous encounters with my cat's claws! The LED lights are a bonus, they keep her entertained even in low-light conditions. Also, the USB charging feature makes it so convenient.

My Cat Can't Get Enough!

If your cat loves to chase, this toy will be a hit. My cat absolutely adores the unpredictable movements and the extra feathers provided were great for rotation. It's very easy to charge and holds up quite well against vigorous play. A definite win for us!

Great Concept but Feathers Are a Weak Point

I'm quite happy with the purchase but not so thrilled about having to replace the teasing feathers after just a few days of play. They're just not durable enough. Everything else about the toy is fantastic - the sensors, battery life, and material are top-notch.

Interactive Toy That's Almost Perfect

This cat toy has been great for keeping my cat engaged but my one gripe is that the feathers come off too easily. I've had to reattach them a few times. It's not a dealbreaker but it is something to consider. Battery life is commendable, though!