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Smart Watch 2Pin Charger Clip

Smart Watch 2Pin Charger Clip

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- Compact and efficient 2-pin charger clip for smart watches and wristbands
- Crafted from durable ABS material and electronic components
- Available in two types: 2-pin 4mm and 2-pin 3mm
- Comes in a sleek black color

- Material: ABS and electronic components
- Color: Black
- Available Types: 2-pin 4mm, 2-pin 3mm
- Compatibility: Smart watch, Smart Wristband
- Length: Approximately 30cm
- Package Contents: 1 x Charger clip (Only)

- This 2-pin charger clip is designed to provide a reliable power source for your smart watch or wristband.
- It is made from high-quality ABS material and electronic components, ensuring durability and longevity.
- The charger clip is available in two types, 2-pin 4mm and 2-pin 3mm, to cater to different device requirements.
- With a length of approximately 30cm, it offers ample reach for convenient charging.
- The package includes only the charger clip, without any additional accessories.

- Provides a reliable and efficient charging solution for your smart devices.
- Durable ABS material and electronic components ensure a long-lasting product.
- Available in two types to cater to a variety of smart watches and wristbands.
- The 30cm length offers flexibility and convenience during charging.
- Sleek black color adds a touch of elegance to your device accessories.

Please note that there may be a slight deviation in the product dimensions due to manual measurement. Additionally, due to differences in light and screen settings, the actual color of the item may slightly vary from the pictures. Always ensure to use the charger clip safely and responsibly to avoid any potential damage to your devices.

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Customer Reviews

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Sturdy and Long-Lasting Charger Clip!

I've had this charger for a couple of months, and it's been a lifesaver. My previous charger would not hold the pin connection well, but this one clicks in place securely and doesn't budge. Being 30cm long is really a plus when the outlet is a bit out of reach. Definitely recommend this!

Efficient but wished for more color options

Picked up the 2-pin 3mm version for my fitness wristband. It works perfectly and charges efficiently. I?m quite impressed with the quality of the charger. However, I wish it was available in other colors to match my wristband. Overall, a solid product.

Convenient and Reliable Charger!

I recently bought the 2-pin 4mm charger clip for my smartwatch, and I've been extremely pleased with it. The ABS material feels sturdy, which is important because I'm pretty clumsy with my gadgets. The length is just perfect, allowing me to comfortably charge my watch on my bedside table. Great buy!

Dependable and Aesthetic

I needed a new charger clip after mine stopped working. This one not only charges my wristband efficiently but also looks neat and tidy. The durability is noticeable, and the length is more than sufficient for my uses.

Charging Made Easy!

I love this 2-pin charger clip; it's compact and does exactly what it needs to do without any fuss. It's become an essential part of my daily gadget kit, and I'm really happy with the purchase. It's also reassuring to have something that feels like it won't break in a week.