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Soft pet nest

Soft pet nest

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• Soft and comfortable pet nest
• High-quality fleece and polyester material
• Stylish design
• Suitable for cats and small dogs
• Easy maintenance

• Dimensions: 40*35*35cm
• Weight: Not specified
• Materials: Fleece, Polyester

• This pet nest is made up of premium quality fleece and polyester which assures a super soft and comfortable place for your pets.
• The product is ideally sized for cats within 12 pounds and small dogs, offering ample space.
• The pet nest features a removable inside mat for easy cleaning or when a replacement is required.
• Boasting a chic and stylish design, it will blend in seamlessly with your home décor.

• Provides your pets with a cozy and warm spot to relax and sleep in.
• Ensures the comfort of your pet with its plush, soft material.
• The removable mat makes it easy and convenient for cleaning, maintaining the hygiene of your pet's environment.
• Durable and designed for long-term usage
• Adds a fashionable touch to your home.

NOTE: While this pet nest is of high quality and meant to keep your pets comfortable, be cautious about your pet's size before purchasing. It is designed for cats within 12 pounds and small dogs. Overloading may cause damage to the nest or discomfort for your pet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A Snug Haven for My Purrball!

This pet nest has been a delightful addition to our home. The high-quality fleece is incredibly soft, and I love how it holds up after multiple washes. My cat, Whiskers, weighs around 10 pounds and fits perfectly within the cozy space. Definitely one of her favorite spots now!

Easy Clean, Pets Dream

The removable mat feature is a godsend for a quick clean-up. The overall quality of the fleece is fantastic. My two kittens took to it instantly, and it's adorable watching them curl up together in their new nest.

A Perfect Fit for Small Pets!

This nest is superb for my dachshund. It's warm, comforting, and he jumped right in and dozed off. This pet nest has exceeded my expectations, and the maintenance is incredibly simple.

Stylish and Comfy, but Size Matters!

We bought this pet nest for our Jack Russell, Daisy. While the nest is soft and easy to clean, we didn't realize Daisy was a bit too snug in it. It's perfect for smaller dogs or cats, so make sure you double-check your pet's size. Style-wise, it's a win!

Plush Paradise for My Kitty

I revolutionized my cat's sleep routine with this pet nest. What stands out is the plush material that makes it a plush paradise. However, adding more color options would make this product absolutely perfect!