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Summer Mute Small Multifunctional Octopus Mini Fan

Summer Mute Small Multifunctional Octopus Mini Fan

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- The Summer Mute Small Multifunctional Octopus Mini Fan is a versatile, compact, and quiet cooling solution for your summer needs.
- This fan is not only a cooling device but also doubles as a power bank with its built-in 5200mAh battery.

- Dimensions: 320x145x66mm
- Weight: Approximately 360g
- Battery: 5200mAh
- Power: 3-7W
- Input: DC5V/2.1A
- Output: DC5V/2.1A
- Product Color: Black
- Power supply method: Battery storage, USB power supply, built-in power bank

- The Octopus Mini Fan is designed with a compact and lightweight structure, making it easy to carry around.
- It operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment while you enjoy the cool breeze.
- The fan features a power range of 3-7W, providing efficient cooling.
- It can be powered through its built-in 5200mAh battery, a USB power supply, or its integrated power bank.
- The fan comes in a sleek black color, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

- The Octopus Mini Fan offers a dual function of cooling and charging your devices with its built-in power bank.
- Its compact and lightweight design makes it portable and convenient for travel or outdoor use.
- The fan operates silently, providing a comfortable and noise-free environment.
- With its versatile power supply options, you can use the fan virtually anywhere, anytime.

- Please ensure the fan is used in a safe environment and kept away from water or any flammable materials.
- Do not insert fingers or any objects into the fan while it is in operation to avoid injury.
- The built-in power bank should not be used while the fan is running to prevent overheating. Always ensure the device is cool before using the power bank function.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great Concept, Decent Execution

As a tech enthusiast, I like the concept of this fan. It's efficient and the design is spot on. I do wish the output was a bit stronger for those extra hot days. It's a solid 4-star product for me, keeping in mind its versatility.

Almost forgot it was there!

I needed something for my office that wouldn't buzz through my zoom meetings. This mini fan is whisper quiet and really strong for its size. Being able to charge my phone while on silent mode would have been a nice touch, though.

Quiet Comfort for Outdoors

My husband and I love to go camping and this mini fan was a game-changer for our tent! It doesn't disturb the peaceful nature vibe with noise, and it's so small that it fits anywhere. Plus, black color looks really chic.

Little Fan with Big Ambitions

It's light, compact, and works like a charm! The Octopus Mini Fan has been a fantastic addition to my daily routine. Love the color, the silent operation, and how easy it is to switch between power sources. It?s like a personal cooler on-the-go.

Light, Elegant, and Multifunctional

I am all about products that serve more than one purpose. The Octopus Mini Fan is my new favorite travel accessory! It cools fairly well for a mini fan and the bonus power bank is a lifesaver on trips.