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Summer Rattan Nest For Cats

Summer Rattan Nest For Cats

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• An inviting and comfortable Summer Rattan Nest for Cats for your fluffy friend.
• Designed with cooling rattan material that creates a calming and anxiety-relieving space for your cat.
• Built with sturdy rattan and cotton rope for exceptional scratch resistance.
• Aesthetically pleasing design functions as a beautiful home decor piece.

• Materials: Rattan, Cotton Rope, Cloth
• Available Sizes:
o Small (S) - Diameter: 35cm, Height: 13cm
o Medium (M) - Diameter: 40cm, Height: 15cm
o Large (L) - Diameter: 46cm, Height: 16cm

• The Summer Rattan Nest for Cats is designed with quality rattan and cotton rope offering soothing cooling effects for cats.
• Known for its durability, the cat bed is woven in a spiral shape indicating excellent scratch resistance.
• This resilient design allows for longevity even if a portion of the stitch comes undone.
• Unlike typical paper scratching cardboard, this cat bed doesn’t disintegrate into confetti, maintaining the cleanliness of your space.
• Its natural plant smell can effortlessly attract your pets.

• The woven rattan and cotton materials provide excellent breathability for the cat bed.
• Easy to clean and dry, the bed saves ample time in maintenance.
• The adorable shape of the cat bed serves as a charming enhancement to your home decor as well as a comfortable space for your pet.

NOTE: This product is made from natural, unchemically treated materials. While this is generally safe and intriguing for pets, it is recommended to observe your cat's interaction with the bed initially to make sure they don't try to ingest any part of it. Avoid placing the bed near open flames or intensely hot surfaces as the material could potentially ignite.

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Customer Reviews

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Enticing Natural Smell for Cats

The natural plant smell works wonders! My cat was drawn to the bed instantly. It's also surprisingly stable and well-made. We're considering getting another one for the living room.

Comfy and Easy to Maintain

I'm not one for complex pet products, but this cat bed is simple and very easy to clean. I'm happy with how quickly it dries after the occasional rinse. Just be wary of its flammability near heat sources.

Beautiful but Bigger Than Expected

The cat bed is beautiful and my cat took to it immediately. It's an elegant piece that fits well with my home's aesthetic. However, I purchased the Large size and it's a bit more substantial than I expected. Be sure to measure your space before buying!

My Cat's New Favorite Spot

This rattan cat nest has become Milo's go-to nap spot. The design is sturdy, and the natural smell is quite inviting for him. Plus, as someone who enjoys interior design, I appreciate its appearance in our home.

A Must-Have for Cat Lovers

Both my cats absolutely adore their new rattan nest. It?s exceptional for their scratching habits and I've noticed they're shedding less around the house. Such a cozy and attractive bed for kitties!