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Switch Controller Joystick Gamepad

Switch Controller Joystick Gamepad

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• Third-party replacement Joypad Switch Controller with wake-up function
• Offers wireless control with a working distance of less than 10M
• Available in six vibrant colors
• Features dual vibration and 6-axis somatosensory for an immersive gaming experience
• Designed for long-time play with a built-in 400mAh lithium battery


• Dimensions: 14.7*12.7*4.2CM
• Weight: Not specified
• Material: ABS
• Working distance: <10M
• Battery: 400mAh X 2pcs
• Playing time: 8-10 hours
• Charging time: 2 hours
• Standby time: 25 days


• The Joypad Switch Controller is a third-party replacement for the original controller.
• It features a streamlined design with a convex back for comfortable grip and ease of use.
• The controller supports a wake-up function for quick and convenient access to your console.
• With built-in dual motors, the controller provides excellent impact feedback.
• The 6-axis somatosensory feature on both sides of the controller enhances the accuracy and enjoyment of your gaming experience.
• The controller can be used alone or installed on the switch for handheld mode, making it suitable for both solo and multiplayer games.


• Offers a cost-effective alternative to the original controller
• Enhances gaming experience with dual vibration and 6-axis somatosensory features
• Comfortable to hold for extended periods due to its streamlined design
• Allows for long gaming sessions with up to 10 hours of playtime on a full charge
• Provides quick access to your console with its wake-up function


Please be aware that this is a third-party replacement and does not support NFC for Amiibo function and IR motion camera function. The Joy-pad controllers are also not compatible with the original grip. If you encounter a joystick drift problem, follow the provided solution: fully charge the controller, calibrate control sticks in system settings, and restart the console.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Surprisingly Good for the Price

I have to say, for a third-party controller, this product exceeded my expectations. The tactile feedback from the dual vibration is satisfying, and the somatosensory control gives it a high-end feel. As someone who plays for a few hours at a time, the battery life is more than adequate. Though it doesn't support NFC, which is a bummer, you can't really argue with the value here.

Great Tech, Minor Flaws

Technically speaking, this Joypad Switch Controller packs robust features. The dual motors are responsive, and the 6-axis control is impressively accurate. However, the lack of weight specifications made me question its build quality. After using it, I consider it durable but noticeably lighter than the original, which some might find disconcerting. Nonetheless, I give it a solid four stars for its capabilities.

Good for Multiplayer, But There's a Catch

I bought several of these for multiplayer game nights. They are great for that as they're cheaper than the originals, and everyone can pick their color. The somatosensory is good, although it took some getting used to. The downside is that these don't work with the original grip, which was a bit of a letdown for those who wanted that option.

Vibrant Colors and Fun for the Family!

As a casual gamer, this controller is a perfect match for my needs. I love the color options; they make the gaming setup more personalized and fun for my family. The wake-up function is a nice touch, making it easy for the kids to get started. We played Mario Kart together, and the somatosensory controls worked like a charm. Definitely recommend for casual play!

Nearly On Par With the Originals

As someone who has used various third-party controllers, I can confidently say this one comes close to the original in terms of functionality. The ergonomics are great, it feels good in the hands, and the gameplay experience is immersive thanks to the dual vibration. It's a shame about the NFC and grip compatibility, but if you can overlook that, you'll be pleased with the performance.