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Tactical Outdoor Water Bag Backpack 3L

Tactical Outdoor Water Bag Backpack 3L

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• A versatile Outdoor Tactical Hydration Backpack
• Equally suited for outdoor sports, travel, and shopping needs
• Offered in a wide array of diverse and trendy camouflage and solid colors

• Dimensions: 17×4×44.5CM
• Weight: 3L
• Materials: External - Wear-resistant and waterproof nylon, Lining - Polyester
• Color options: ACU Camouflage, CP Camouflage, Desert Digital, Sansha Camouflage, 07 Camouflage, Khaki, Military Green, Ruin Camouflage, Black, Jungle Digital, Jungle Camouflage

• This versatile hydration backpack adopts a unique tactical design.
• Built with durable wear-resistant and waterproof nylon for the exterior.
• The lining of the bag is made of polyester, ensuring greater longevity.
• Designed for multi-purpose usage that includes shopping, sports and fitness, outdoor travel, mountaineering and cycling.
• Available in numerous color choices to cater for personal style and preferences.

• Durable and waterproof feature that ensures longevity and assures protection of stored items.
• Multi-functional, ideal for various activities ranging from outdoor sports to shopping.
• A wide array of color options to cater to unique style preferences.
• Lightweight design allows for easy portability and transport.
• Sufficient storage capacity for water and other essentials, making it an essential accessory for hiking or cycling trips.

Ensure to clean the inside of the water bag regularly to avoid bacteria build-up and maintain hygiene standards. Always be mindful to avoid overfilling to prevent unnecessary strain on the bag and ensure its longevity. Do not expose the bag excessively to harsh sunlight or extreme heat to maintain the quality of the nylon fabric.

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Customer Reviews

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Nomadic Life Approved!

I've been traveling with this backpack for months. It's been through deserts, rainforests, mountains, and cities. The Sansha camouflage stands out and often starts conversations with fellow travelers. It fits comfortably on my back, and the waterproof feature has saved my essentials more than once. It's the perfect travel buddy.

Nearly Perfect, But One Quirk

I'm mostly at peace with this backpack - it's gone up and down mountains with me. The 07 Camouflage is stylish, and the size is deceptive; it fits more than you'd expect. However, the inside water bag requires diligent cleaning to avoid bacteria, which can be a chore. Also, mind not to overfill it. But all things considered, it's an excellent buy.

Companion for the Wild

Took the Jungle Camouflage version of this hydration backpack on a jungle expedition. It held up admirably against the harsh conditions. The waterproofing impressed me the most ??crossing rivers was no problem. The hydration pouch is easy to access, and there's no taste of plastic. Highly recommend for anyone needing a reliable outdoor bag.

Durable but Could Improve on Comfort

I've used this backpack for several mountaineering trips. The durability is unquestionable, and the Desert Digital color blends well with the environment. However, the straps could have more padding for comfort. The size is perfect for short expeditions, but not quite enough for anything longer. Still, a good purchase for day trips.

Fashionable and Functional, But...

This backpack in black serves as my daily carry. It's fashionable enough to blend in an urban environment while tough for outdoor ventures. The weight distribution is spot on. However, I did notice that prolonged exposure to the sun has begun to fade the exterior slightly. Be careful about where you leave it!