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Tempered Glass Lens Diving Housing Cover Lens Filter

Tempered Glass Lens Diving Housing Cover Lens Filter

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- Waterproof housing for GoPro Hero 9, 10, 11 Black cameras with tempered glass lens and diving housing cover
- Includes red, purple, and magenta lens filters for color correction in various water qualities
- Waterproof up to 164ft/50m, ensuring maximum image sharpness both above and under water
- Easy to install with no need to disassemble the lens

- Dimensions: 8.5cm x 4.6cm x 9.4cm
- Weight: 135g
- Waterproof: Up to 50 meters / 164ft
- Lens Material: Tempered Glass
- Case Material: PC

- The waterproof housing allows for perfect camera usage up to 45m underwater
- The case is designed to withstand surf pressure without affecting your movement or photographic effect
- The lens is made from high-quality organic tempered glass for optimal photo shooting
- The CD Anti-Fingerprint Design features navigation-special 316 stainless steel material, widening the button head to increase the contact area between the waterproof case button and the camera button, thereby protecting your camera button

- Provides maximum image sharpness in both above and underwater conditions
- Allows for color correction in different water qualities with the included lens filters
- Protects your camera from surf pressure and potential damage
- Easy installation process without the need for lens disassembly
- Protects your camera button with the CD Anti-Fingerprint Design

Please ensure the waterproof case is securely fastened before submerging in water to prevent potential damage to your camera. Always check the case for any signs of damage before use. Not checking could result in water leakage that could damage your camera. The lens filters are designed for use at depths of 5m-25m. Using them outside of these depths may result in color deviations.

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Customer Reviews

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A Diver's Dream Accessory!

Having used different waterproof cases in the past, this one stands out. The design ensures that I don't miss a shot because of foggy lenses or water leakage. The addition of multiple lens filters has been invaluable, giving me the flexibility to shoot in various water conditions without lugging around extra gear. The tempered glass and overall build have handled every challenge I've thrown at it.

Diving Deep with Confidence!

I took my GoPro Hero 10 on a dive trip using this waterproof housing and I'm beyond thrilled with the results. Not only did the housing keep my camera dry at depths of over 40m, but the tempered glass lens assured that all my shots were crystal clear. Switching between the color-correcting filters was a breeze and made my underwater footage look professional. The anti-fingerprint design also meant my camera stayed pristine despite frequent handling. A solid 5-star product for any underwater adventurer!

Surf's Up with No Worries!

Using this waterproof housing for my GoPro has been a game-changer for my surfing sessions. It easily withstood the surf's pressure and kept my camera secure. Navigating the camera buttons through the housing was simple, thanks to the smart design. My camera button is definitely grateful for the extra protection!

High Functionality, Room for Improvement

As a tech enthusiast, I was impressed with the waterproof housing's build quality and the tempered glass lens's clarity. However, I had some trouble with the red lens filter, which didn't offer the color correction I expected at certain depths. Despite that, the user-friendliness and protective features still make this a product I'd recommend.

Picture Perfect, Every Time!

Taking my Hero 11 Black under the waves has never been less stressful. The dive housing is superbly crafted, maintaining the protective integrity you'd expect for expensive gear, and the button design is thoughtful, making it easier to operate the camera even with gloves on. The photo quality remained top-notch, with the lens filters correcting for underwater color like a charm!