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Tuya Smart Sunset Lamp Night Light Sunset Projector

Tuya Smart Sunset Lamp Night Light Sunset Projector

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• The Tuya Smart Sunset Lamp Night Light Sunset Projector is a remote-controlled LED light, perfect for room decoration and photography.
• It features smart app control, customizable light settings, and unique colors for a stylish and modern ambiance.
• Three popular versions are available - the Smart Bluetooth option, the IR remote option with color filters, and a simpler version with changeable color filters.

• Connectivity: Bluetooth or IR remote
• Control options: Smart app (Tuya or Smart Life), IR remote, or manual color filter change
• Function: LED lighting, decoration, and photography
• Additional features: Music rhythm and countdown function (only for the Bluetooth version)
• Color options: Multiple depending on the version

• The smart version of the sunset lamp can be controlled via the Bluetooth function of your phone. You need to download either the Tuya or Smart Life app to use this feature.
• The Bluetooth version also has in-built music rhythm and countdown functions for your convenience.
• All versions come with the capacity to adjust color or dim brightness, with the extent of these functions varying according to the version you choose.
• If filters are your preference, you can choose the remote version which comes with 4 color filters for more unique hues or the basic version where you can manually change the filters to get at least 4 different colors.

• Adds a stylish, aesthetic element to any room or photograph.
• Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy control from anywhere in the room.
• Variety of models suited to different preferences and budgets.
• Adjustable color spectrum and brightness to match your mood or theme.
• Double function as a cool gift for your friends and family.

NOTE: While the Tuya Smart Sunset Lamp Night Light Sunset Projector is designed to be easy to use and safe, it is important to properly follow the instructions regarding the usage of the different versions, especially while changing filters or downloading the control apps. Keep out of reach of small children to prevent any accidental mishaps or damages to the device.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Artistic Flair to My Living Space

The Tuya Smart Sunset Lamp instantly added an artistic flair to my living space. Switching out the color filters manually in the basic version is a breeze, offering a personalized touch to my home. A definite conversation starter at gatherings!

Practical and Fun Lighting Solution

As someone who appreciates both functionality and style, the Tuya Smart Sunset Lamp with smart app control fits the bill. The LED lights are energy-efficient, and the various colors set the mood just right for every occasion. I am particularly impressed with the lamp's safety features. Well done!

Cool Concept, But Needs Tweaks

I'm torn about the Tuya Smart Sunset Lamp. The concept is great, and when it works, it's fantastic. However, I've had occasional connectivity issues with the Bluetooth, and syncing it with the app was a bit fiddly. I also think the music rhythm feature could be more in-sync with different music types.

Elevate Your Room?s Ambiance

Love this Tuya Smart Sunset Lamp! The Bluetooth connectivity is seamless with the Tuya app on my phone, and I can adjust the ambiance from anywhere in my room. The multiple color options are fantastic, and the music rhythm function is a game-changer for my parties. It's not just a lamp; it's a mood enhancer for sure.

All About the Filters!

I chose the IR remote option with the color filters, and they did not disappoint. Swapping filters is straightforward, and each hue offers a distinct mood. My only gripe is that adding more filters would make this perfect. Still, the current selection is satisfactory.