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Tuya Smart WiFi/ZigBee Water Gas Pipeline Auto Shut

Tuya Smart WiFi/ZigBee Water Gas Pipeline Auto Shut

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• The Tuya Smart WiFi/ZigBee Water Gas Pipeline Auto Shut OFF Valve Controller is a versatile home automation device that offers remote control via Smart Life APP.
• It is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing voice command operation.
• The device can be linked with smart water leakage sensors for automated responses to water leaks.
• It offers a timer and family sharing feature, allowing multiple users to control the device.


• Temperature Range: -10 to 65 degrees Celsius
• Humidity: Less than 95%
• Supply Voltage: 12V/1A
• Valve Pressure: 0.6MPa
• Torque:
• Closing Time: 5-10 seconds
• Opening Time: 5-10 seconds
• Valve Specifications: 1 inch, 1.25 inch
• Application: Spanner valve, butterfly valve


• The device offers two protocols: Wi-Fi and ZigBee3.0, catering to different user needs based on the presence of a ZigBee gateway in the house.
• It allows remote control of farmlands and household appliances for water or gas supply through the Smart Life App or Amazon Alexa Smart Home App.
• The smart valve is compatible with a wide range of water pipe ball valves, electric, manual control switches, and natural/liquid/tap gas.
• The device can be linked with smart water leakage sensors, triggering the valve to close automatically when a leak is detected.
• It offers a timer schedule feature for automatic control of the valve controller and supports multiple phones for control.


• Provides remote control of water or gas supply, offering convenience and efficiency.
• Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for easy voice command operation.
• Smart linkage with water leakage sensors enhances home safety by preventing water damage.
• Timer and family sharing features allow for automated operation and shared control among multiple users.


Please confirm you have a Tuya ZigBee gateway if you choose the ZigBee version. The device requires a stable network signal for remote operation. The package includes a user manual for detailed setup and operation instructions. Always ensure to follow the user manual to avoid any mishaps or incorrect usage. The product comes with a full 2-year warranty and a 60-day refund guarantee for complete satisfaction.

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Customer Reviews

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Convenient automation but needs stronger signal

I love the automatic shut-off feature, especially because I travel often and worry about leaks. However, I did struggle initially with the Wi-Fi connection, as my router is somewhat far from where the valve is installed. Once I upgraded my network signal, it worked like a charm. Just something potential buyers might want to consider.

Remote valve control made easy

I live in an older house, and the Tuya Smart Valve Controller has brought a modern touch to it. Being able to remotely control the supply of water and gas from my phone is amazing, and the automated responses to my water leakage sensors are icing on the cake. The temperature and humidity range is suitable for my area, and I haven't encountered any issues with it since installation.

Saving grace during a recent trip

Had this installed right before a month-long trip. Got an alert for a water leak detected by my sensors two weeks in, and the auto shut-off kicked in flawlessly. This device prevented potential extensive water damage. The peace of mind it provides can't be overstated. Simple to use, effective, and integrates well with existing smart home gadgets.

Superb integration with smart home systems

Integration into my smart home system was seamless with the Tuya Smart Valve. I use it with Alexa, and I?m thrilled with how responsive it is to voice commands. The remote operation through the app is also incredibly convenient, and sharing access with my family allows us all to keep an eye on our home's water and gas safety.

Solid device, but could use improvement

The smart valve works well for my needs, controlling the water supply to my irrigation system. The timer schedule is a useful feature for automating the watering times. However, I found the Smart Life App's interface a bit complicated at first, which made the initial setup frustrating. Also, having to buy a separate gateway for the ZigBee connectivity added to the overall cost.