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Ultra Quiet Pet Cat Dog Hair Dryer

Ultra Quiet Pet Cat Dog Hair Dryer

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• Sophisticated pet dryer designed for dogs and cats weighing under 9 kg.
• Features an efficient drying system, comfortable interiors, and a standard oxygen concentration of 21%.
• Equipped with safety features such as high-temperature alarm and power switch button control.


• Dimensions: 502mm x 442mm x 467mm (L*W*H)
• Weight: 7.1 kg (net weight), 8.5 kg (gross weight)
• Materials: Body – ABS+PC, Front transparent observation area – PC, Top Transparent Door – PC
• Power Interface: Non-pluggable; Power cord: 220V, 16A
• Rated voltage: 220V 50HZ; Maximum power of the whole machine: 890W
• Noise level: <50dBA


• The top entry design allows easy placement and removal of pets and features a large platform at the top, which serves as a play area for cats.
• The compartment is equipped with dried physical buttons offering two drying modes: Long Hair Drying running for 90 minutes and Short Hair Drying running for 60 minutes.
• Features a dependable PTC heater that starts to dry in 5 seconds and maintains a constant temperature of 38.5°C.
• The dryer comes with an ozone physical button and can operate on the ozone mode for 20 minutes.
• Includes a fault detection system that alerts for issues like over temperature, no heating, or temperature probe failure.
• Its wind speed physical button offers three wind speed levels.


• The dryer comes with a lighting lamp that ensures visibility within the machine during drying.
• The integrated care solution provides necessary care during the drying process.
• Fitted with a fan that ensures efficient drying of your pet's fur.
• The inbuilt buzzer indicates the end of the drying process.
• Safe to use with an inbuilt high-temperature alarm that goes off when temperature exceeds 43 degrees.
• Offers various wind speed levels for a controlled drying process.

NOTE: It is crucial to ensure that no living beings are in the dryer cabin before turning on the ozone operation mode. Abide by the set hygienic standards for ozone in indoor air in compliance with GB/T 18202-2000. Avoid exposing the dryer to unpredictable weather patterns or extreme temperature changes. It is designed for indoor use in temperatures between -10 and 40 degrees Celsius with a humidity level of 20%-100%. For any technical fault in the device, refer to the user manual or seek professional help. Ensure to clean and maintain the machine regularly to keep it in optimal condition.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ease of Use and Stylish

Not only does this dryer look stylish, but it's also incredibly user-friendly. The buttons are straightforward, and the lighting lamp helps me keep an eye on my pets. They come out with a beautiful, shiny coat each time.

Safe and Efficient

The high-temperature alarm and the fact that the dryer maintains a safe, constant heat for my pup makes this an ideal choice for me. It fends off my worry about overheating, and the buzzer is loud enough to hear from another room. An excellent choice for pet parents!

Good, but could use some improvements

This pet dryer is good, but I think some improvements could be made. For instance, the non-pluggable power interface makes it less versatile in placement. Otherwise, it's roomy for my cat, and he seems to dry off comfortably.

Almost perfect, except for the door

The top transparent door is great for keeping an eye on my dogs, but it can be tricky to open and close sometimes. I'm not sure if it's just my unit or if others have the same issue. The rest of the features make up for it, especially the three wind speed settings.

Impressive but Expensive

Sure, it's possibly the most state-of-the-art pet dryer out there, with amazing features like the PTC heater and the safety buzzer. But it comes with a hefty price tag. If you're willing to invest in your pet's grooming, then it's worth it.