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Ultralight Folding Camping Table

Ultralight Folding Camping Table

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- Ultralight Folding Camping Table with modern minimalist style.
- Can easily fold down and slips into a storage bag for convenience.
- Space-saving, practical, and highly recommended for outdoor enthusiasts.


- Material: Aluminum Alloy
- Sizes: Medium (30*35*41cm, 0.9kg), Large (40.5*46.5*56cm, 1.3kg)


- The minimalist style of this Ultralight Folding Camping Table adds to its charm while retaining its practicality.
- It compresses down to fit into a compact storage bag, ideal for the space-conscious camper or picnicker.
- Available in two sizes: medium and large.
- Despite its ultralight weight, it's made from a durable aluminum alloy to withstand outdoor conditions.


- Lightweight and easy to carry, ideal for camping, picnics or any outdoor activity.
- Foldable design allows for quick setup and take down.
- Made from sturdy aluminum alloy for long-lasting use.
- Adds convenience to your outdoor experiences with its easy storage and portability.
- With two different sizes available, it's easy to find the perfect fit for your needs.

NOTE: Be careful when collapsing and setting up the table to avoid pinching your fingers. Always check the stability of the table before placing heavy items on it. It is recommended to clean and dry the table after use to keep its top quality and extend its lifespan.

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Customer Reviews

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Good but Needs Caution

The table itself is handy, lightweight, and it seems durable so far. What's bothersome is collapsing it. I?ve pinched my fingers a couple of times despite being careful. It also wobbles slightly when I put my camping stove on it. It does the job, but I'd advise checking its stability when you place heavier items on top. For the price point, it?s a fair purchase.

Perfect Companion for My Outdoor Adventures!

I absolutely adore this Ultralight Folding Camping Table! I bought the large one and it?s been my best buddy for picnics and camping trips. It?s incredibly lightweight, but at the same time stable and sturdy. Super easy to set up, and the design is sleek and modern - gets lots of compliments at the park. It fits snugly in its storage bag, leaving plenty of room for my other gear.

Solid Table for the Rugged Outdoors

I put this table to the test in various terrains and it has come out on top every time. The aluminum alloy can take a beating and still look great. The size large is perfect for my group camping trips and the portability means everyone's willing to carry it. The minimalist design is a bonus, as it does not detract from the natural beauty around us.

Couldn't Ask for More!

This ultralight table is an angler's dream. It?s so compact and light, getting it to the lakeside is effortless. The setup is quick and I can focus on fishing rather than fussing with gear. The large size works great for all my tackle and the aluminum feels marine-grade. This table is definitely built to last.

Great Portable Option

I got the medium-sized table and it fits just right next to my camping chair. The aluminum alloy feels robust and I'm not at all worried about it getting banged up in my truck. It doesn?t teeter, even when I'm using it on uneven ground. The only thing keeping this from a 5-star rating is that it can get a bit tricky to fold it down. Other than that, it's an excellent buy.