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USB Automatic Pet Water Dispenser Motion Sensor

USB Automatic Pet Water Dispenser Motion Sensor

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• A technological advancement in pet care, the USB Automatic Pet Water Dispenser with Motion Sensor.
• Automated system that triggers upon pet's approach for convenient water dispensing.
• Features energy conservation enhancing the longevity of the filter element and water pump.

• Dimensions: 220 mm size.
• Weight: Not provided.
• Material: Not provided.
• Input cable length: 30 cm.
• Output cable length: 1.8 m.
• Working voltage: 5V.
• Output current: 1A/2A.
• Sensing distance: 0.1-3 m.
• Application scope: All water dispensers with USB interfaces can be used.
• Packing includes: Sensor and suction cup.

• An innovative device lending ease to pet care, this water dispenser works using USB input.
• It automatically activates upon pet’s proximity, dispensing clean water swiftly.
• After the pet leaves the sensing range of 2-3 meters, the dispenser continues filtering water for 30 seconds before returning to standby.
• The dispenser’s operations are silent and energy-efficient.
• Apart from providing water when needed, it also automatically cycles through filter four times a day every six hours, promoting clean and fresh water.

• Energy-Efficient: It is designed to prolong the service life of the filter element and water pump, saving energy.
• Hydrates pet: It encourages pets to consume more water.
• Convenience: Fully automatic, no need for manual operation.
• Smart Cleaning: Automatically filters water four times every day, ensuring its cleanliness.

NOTE: The motion sensor can only adhere to glossy or smooth surfaces. Matte walls or floors are not compatible, thereby caution should be taken to ensure correct application. The purchase does not include a water dispenser; it is only the sensor and suction cup. Please ensure the dispenser you intend to use has a USB interface compatible with the sensor.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Decent Product but Limited Surface Compatibility

The motion sensor feature of this water dispenser is great in theory, but I struggled to find a suitable surface in my home. My kitchen has matte tiles, so the sensor wouldn't stick. Eventually, I had to place it on the side of the fridge. It works well when it's in place, and my dog seems to like it. Just be sure you have a compatible surface before you buy.

Tech-forward Watering System, Minor Glitches

From a tech perspective, this gadget is top-notch. Easy to configure, and the USB compatibility is great. I do wish the input cable was a little longer for more flexible placement, and meticulously ensuring the sensor sticks to the right surface felt limited. However, it delivers what it promises, keeping my dog hydrated efficiently.

Fur Babies Approve!

As a cat mom, I'm always looking for ways to keep my kitties healthy. This water dispenser is fantastic for that. I adore how it keeps the water fresh and isn't noisy at all. The smart cleaning feature is a dream come true. Both my cats started using it without hesitation. Exceptional product!

Hydration Hero for My Cat

I'm beyond thrilled with the USB Automatic Pet Water Dispenser! Installation was a breeze, and it's such a sleek gadget. My cat took to it immediately, and I've noticed she's drinking more regularly now. The fact that it works silently and doesn?t disturb our daily life is a huge plus. Haven't had any issues with the motion sensor, it's spot on, and the auto-filtering feature gives me peace of mind. Highly recommend for any pet parent!

Great Concept, but Compatibility Issues

While I love the idea of a motion-sensor water dispenser, and it works wonderfully when it does, I struggled to install it on the type of surfaces in my home. Took some trial and error to figure out where it could adhere. Now that it's working, it's a treat. Just think about where you'll place it first.