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USB Wired Powerful Computer Speaker

USB Wired Powerful Computer Speaker

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- Powerful USB Wired Computer Speaker with blue LED light for an artistic touch
- Features an independent knob for easy volume adjustment
- Delivers shocking sound effects with a small diameter and large magnetic circuit design
- Supports both wired and Bluetooth connections through a 3.5mm audio interface
- Convenient USB power supply for simple operation


- Product Name: Computer Audio
- Type: Bluetooth
- Material: ABS
- Bluetooth Version: 5.0
- Output Power: 3W
- Voltage: DC 5V
- Frequency Response Range: 30Hz~1.5kHz
- Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥65db
- Resolution: ≥35db
- Channel: 2.0
- Number of Speakers: 2
- Connection Method: 3.5mm audio jack
- Power Supply Mode: USB power supply
- Dimensions: 320*65*60mm
- Weight: Not specified
- Color: Black


- The speaker features a blue LED light, adding an artistic flavor to your desktop.
- It comes with an independent knob for easy volume adjustment.
- The speaker uses a small diameter and large magnetic circuit design to deliver loud and clear sound.
- It supports both wired and Bluetooth connections through a 3.5mm audio interface.
- The speaker is powered by a USB connection, making it easy to use and operate.


- Enhances your audio experience with its powerful sound output.
- Adds an artistic touch to your desktop with its blue LED light.
- Allows for easy volume control with an independent knob.
- Offers flexibility with both wired and Bluetooth connection options.
- Ensures simple operation with a USB power supply.


Please ensure the speaker is connected to a power source before use. Do not expose the speaker to water or moisture to avoid damage. Always adjust the volume to a comfortable level to prevent potential hearing damage.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Not Bad, But There Are Hiccups

These speakers are okay for basic needs. The LED is a nice touch, and they're pretty lightweight. But I noticed occasional interference when connected via Bluetooth. Enough to be annoying at times.

Pretty Good for the Price

For its price, this Computer Audio speaker delivers. The sound is clear, though I feel it struggles a bit with very low frequencies. However, the Bluetooth 5.0 connection is flawless.

Versatile and User-Friendly

What's not to love? These speakers were a breeze to set up, switching between wired and Bluetooth is seamless, and the sound is great for both music and movies.

Good for Casual Use

I think these speakers hit the mark for casual streaming and video watching. They're not cutting it for high fidelity audio though. But for everyday use and convenience with USB power, they're perfect.

Solid Performance and Aesthetic

Got these speakers for my home office. The design is sleek, and the LED light is not too distracting, which I was worried about. Audio quality is solid, no complaints there.