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Walkie Talkie Dog Training Collar

Walkie Talkie Dog Training Collar

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• The Walkie Talkie Dog Training Collar is a versatile training device featuring built-in intercom functionality.
• It offers four training modes, including shock, vibration, light, and sound.
• This product is rechargeable, water-resistant, and can work with up to three receivers.
• With a remote working range of 3000 feet, it guarantees effective communication even from a distance.

• Functions: Intercom system for one-way communication, shock/vibration/sound/light training modes, auto power save feature.
• Dimensions and weight: N/A
• Battery: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
• Waterproof level: IPX7 Water resistance for the receiver
• Channels: Three channels for simultaneous training of up to 3 pets

• This collar comes equipped with an LCD screen to display modes, levels, and channels.
• The intercom system enables real-time instruction, improving the dog's response to commands.
• It can be recharged simultaneously with the remote and has an extended standby mode up to 60 days.
• The device includes an adjustable level of vibration and shock mode, accommodating different sensitivities and weights.
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use due to its robust construction and water-resistant feature.

• Improved dog behavior within days due to real-time conversation capability.
• Long-range remote control provides flexibility in training, unaffected by obstacles.
• The rechargeable and waterproof design enhances longevity and convenience.
• Multiple training modes cater to different learning styles and training needs.
• Simple operation and delays free training with vibration, electric shock, sound, light separate buttons.

While the device is designed for training purposes, it's important to use the shock and vibration modes judiciously. Misuse can lead to stress or harm to your pet. Always start with the lowest level, gradually increasing as necessary and avoid keeping the device on the same spot for prolonged periods. This product is to be used solely for training and not for punishment reasons.

Shipping and Warranty:
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Customer Reviews

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Waterproof and Reliable

My dog loves the water and this collar has stood the test! The IPX7 waterproof rating holds true, and the collar has survived multiple swims. Charging is a breeze, and the battery standby time is impressive. While I don't use the shock function, the vibration and sound modes work well for my pooch.

Convenient Training Tool with Minor Flaws

The Walkie Talkie Dog Training Collar has been mostly positive for us. It's highly convenient, especially with its simultaneous charging feature. However, the auto power save can be a bit too sensitive, and I've found the collar turning off during longer periods of inactivity, which can be annoying. Overall, a solid product with room for improvement.

Peace of Mind with Multi-Dog Training

Being able to train all three of my dogs with one device is fantastic. The different channels allow for easy switching between collars, and the separate buttons for each training mode prevent any mixed commands. My dogs have shown improvement, and I feel confident using the device, especially since I avoid using the shock function.

Simplified My Training Routine

The Walkie Talkie Dog Training Collar has simplified the training process for me and my two dogs. I love being able to instantly communicate with them and switch modes as needed. The durability and water resistance are also impressive, plus the customer service has been responsive to my inquiries.

Long Range, Effective Training!

I was skeptical at first about the long-range claim but the Walkie Talkie Dog Training Collar didn't disappoint! The 3000 feet range is perfect for my large property, allowing me to train my dogs even when they're not in a direct line of sight. The various training modes are super helpful in addressing different behaviors. Also, the intercom is a game-changer ??being able to command my dogs in real time has made a significant impact.