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Water Bladder Hydration Backpack 2/2.5/3L

Water Bladder Hydration Backpack 2/2.5/3L

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- A high-quality Water Bladder Hydration Backpack with multiple size options (2/2.5/3L)
- Made of durable, non-toxic, transparent TPU Material for safe usage
- Strong hydrolysis resistance and antimicrobial properties for longevity and health safety
- Foldable and light, perfect for various outdoor activities
- Prioritized delivery of army green water pipes and pipe sleeves

- Material: Water Bladder: PEVA, Water pipe: PVC
- Capacity: Optional 2L/2.5L/3L
- Color: Army Green
- Dimensions:
2L: Weight: 122g, Length: 34.5cm, Width: 17.5cm
2.5L: Weight: 130g, Length: 39.5cm, Width: 17.5cm
3L: Weight: 135g, Length: 47.5c, Width: 17.8cm
- Tube Length: 99cm (including bite mouthpiece)
- Tube Sleeves Length: 85cm
- Lid and Water bag height details
- Water Bladder Thickness: 0.32mm single layer

- This water bladder bag is made from a non-toxic transparent TPU Material, ensuring safe water storage
- The unique foldable design allows easy storage and carry in backpacks or briefcases
- It is perfect for hiking, climbing, riding, cycling, field exploration, and other outdoor activities
- The package includes 1 Water Bladder, 1 Water Tube, 1 Tube sleeve, 1 Bite Valve

- Enjoy the convenience of carrying clean water on the go with multiple size options
- Non-toxic material assures product safety
- Resilient material and antimicrobial properties enhance bag longevity
- Foldable design ensures easy storage and portability, ideal for various outdoor activities
- With the included tube and bite valve, hydration is easier and more efficient

- The actual color of the item may differ slightly from the product images due to lighting and screen settings
- Manual measurements may have slight variations. Please ensure the size fits your requirements before purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Good but Room for Improvement

The hydration bladder is light, and the TPU material feels robust. However, it's not as easy to dry out after cleaning as other bladders I've used, which can be a bit inconvenient. The usability and safety are top-notch, but just a few tweaks could make this a five-star product. For now, it's a three for me.

Sustainable Hydration for Every Trail!

I purchased the 3L option for my week-long hiking trip, and it didn't disappoint. The water stayed cool, and the TPU material seemed really durable against any scuffing from inside my pack. Transparent material made it easy to monitor my water levels. The army green tube blends perfectly with the rest of my gear. Five stars for keeping me hydrated without any hassle.

Could Improve Capacity Markings

The bag is great overall ??no leaks, easy to use, and quite sturdy. I only wish it had clear capacity markings; it's a bit hard to gauge how much water is exactly in there. That aside, it's quite handy for my spontaneous adventures. I'll give it a solid four stars!

Hydrolysis Resistance Is Legit

I've had other bladders degrade over time, but after several months, this one is still like new, thanks to its strong hydrolysis resistance. Plus, it doesn't give my water any weird taste. It's a great buy for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors.

Lightweight and Compact!

I'm all about minimising my backpack weight, and the 2L water bladder has been a great addition. It folds up tiny when not in use, and it's so light! The foldability does mean you need to dry it out carefully to avoid any moisture build-up, but that's no biggie. Love the antimicrobial aspect for peace of mind.