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Wearable Connect Waterproof Smart Ring

Wearable Connect Waterproof Smart Ring

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- The Wearable Connect Waterproof Smart Ring is a high-quality, fashionable electronic accessory that connects with your smartphone via Near Field Communication (NFC).
- It offers a range of functions including screen unlocking, app launching, and data sharing.
- Designed with a high level of water resistance, it operates without any power supply.
- The smart ring is embedded with an NFC chip and can only connect with smartphones equipped with NFC function.

- Color: Available in Black and White
- Material: Stainless Steel
- Dimensions: Not specified
- Weight: Not specified
- Connectivity: Near Field Communication (NFC)
- Water Resistance: High-level
- Power Supply: Not required
- Package Includes: 1 NFC Smart Ring

- The smart ring connects with your smartphone through NFC to perform various functions.
- It can unlock your screen, launch apps quickly, and share name card and URL information.
- You can set the ring to unlock your screen or app lock by simply wearing it and touching your phone.
- The ring allows you to lock or unlock selected applications for enhanced privacy.
- It can store private content and share business cards, WiFi passwords, and graphic information.
- The ring operates without any power supply and is easy to wear.

- Provides a convenient and stylish way to unlock your phone and launch apps quickly.
- Enhances privacy by allowing you to lock or unlock selected applications.
- Allows you to store and share private content, business cards, WiFi passwords, and more.
- Operates without any power supply, making it hassle-free and easy to use.
- High-level water resistance allows for worry-free use in various conditions.

Please note that due to manual measurement, there may be a slight difference of 0.1-0.3cm in the product dimensions. Also, due to light irradiation or computer display differences, the actual color of the product may not match 100% with the images. The smart ring requires a smartphone with NFC function to operate. Some phone features may require ROOT access for the ring's functions to work.

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Customer Reviews

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Minor Limitations but Great Overall

The NFC Smart Ring is stylish and convenient. It does what it's advertised to do, though I did have to spend some time figuring out how to share content properly, and some features require root access. That said, the ring still delivers on most of its promises and is a great tech addition to my wardrobe.

Fantastic gadget for privacy

I bought the NFC Smart Ring for its privacy features, and it's incredible. I can easily lock and unlock sensitive apps with a simple touch. Moreover, sharing my WiFi password with friends by letting them tap my ring feels like I'm living in the future!

Convenient tech accessory

The concept of a smart ring that controls my phone sounded futuristic, but the Wearable Connect delivers. I've been using it to unlock my phone and apps, and it's pretty reliable. I'm impressed by its water resistance as I'm an avid swimmer. I just wish it came in more color options.

Effective and Fun to Use

Fun and functionality rolled into one with this NFC Smart Ring. Unlocking my phone has never been easier, and the ring is a conversation starter. I can share my contact info with a tap, which is a game-changer for networking events.

Innovative but Requires Tech Savvy

The NFC Smart Ring is a neat gadget, and its build quality is superb. However, setting it up to share information and unlock apps wasn't as straightforward as I hoped. Plus, if you don't have ROOT access on your phone, you might be limited in what you can do with the ring.